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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.


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  1. It's the simple run and jump game using Grammer. Enjoy!
    Read the readme file

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  2. This cool program, which can be incorporated with ease into your own programs, creates a spinning pattern on the screen that can be adjusted for accuracy. Check it out!

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  3. Happy Pi day!

    Here is an arbitrary precision calculator for the digits of pi. It is written in TI-BASIC, so it is slooooow, but it works!

    You basically pass in how many digits you want and it returns them in 5-digit chunks in L1. Keep in mind, if a chunk only has 4 digits, that means the top digit is 0 !

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  4. Rotates and translate a 3D vector [X, Y, Z] with angles:

    A: rotation about the x-axis
    B: rotation about the y-axis
    C: rotation about the z-axis

    S: translation of the X coordinate
    T: translation of the Y coordinate
    U: translation of the Z coordiante

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  5. Dodge bullets and rockets while dropping bombs on priority enemy targets in this side scroller. Will likely not work on TI-83-family calculators due to its use of the TI-84 Plus's fast mode for a cool 32 fps.

    Updates include bomb visual improvements, a bug fix, and some slight optimization.

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  6. Changes in v1.1 - swapped score and lives position to allow higher scores suggested by epsilon5

    A simple TI84+ / TI83+ game where you have to prevent the asteroids from reaching the left of the screen by blocking them with your player. You have three lives, your score and lives are displayed at the top of the screen.
    If you would like to change the speed of the asteroid, change the W variable set at the beginning of the program to a factor of 150, the default is 15.

    Happy valentines day!

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  7. This is a WIP, so don't expect miracles!

    This program will work on both color and non-color 83/4s, just send the correct program over!

    This will calculate your 1-10 rep range when given a weight and a rep range.

    Improvements will include calculating percentages and a peak programming calculator.

    I'd also like to add a save function so you can save your weights and potentially track progress!

    Just got back into calc programming, so it might be slow!

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  8. This code turns the TI-84+ into a 1-bit, non-polyphonic instrument.

    The program lets the user use 15 buttons to play notes from a scale and use the other buttons to define the scale currently being used.

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  9. This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an in-place, non-recursive mergesort. It only uses 29 bytes of external RAM (OP1/OP2 and 4 bytes of stack space), but these constraints grow it to an O(n^2) sorting algorithm instead of the classic O(n*lg(n)) algorithm. However, it starts to perform better than an insertion sort at about 90 elements in this case.

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  10. My original game CalcFish now with extra features such as automatic UnArchiving, no run indicator, automatic contrast, and a few optimizations. Doors CS is not included in the download. The run indicator is on in the screenies because I used old ones but it is off in the program.

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  11. Version 2.0 now has Vertical Spriting implemented along with all the other features.
    Version 1.1 now has a nice Menu to make navigation easier, and if you accidentally choose the wrong option, I added a Back button. :D
    Please post any thoughts, ideas, bugs, or just plain old "awesome" in the thread Matrix & Text Sprite Map Generator under the Your Projects thread. :D

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  12. FancyClock is my first 83/84 BASIC program that I have written. Upcoming releases will include a timer, digital mode, and alarm.

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  13. That's right - this is the logo from, ported to TI-83+ graphics format. Intuitive system displays the logo without using Pic variables. Check it out, or the original at

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  14. This is my take on the cheese chase game in the calculator programming book. It is my first game ever, and it only has one level so far. I am hoping for some feedback from the community here.

    Things I hope to add:
    Make the game faster.
    Make the enemies move without slowing things down too much.
    Add levels.
    Clean up some things about the game.
    Just learn more about programming.

    Thanks for trying it out.

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  15. This program actually contains two programs, one from me and one from tibasic. The co-authors are the ones that lead me to the site and helped me to better understand how to make the program, so thank you. For all of the legality about tibasic's program, please read the first section in the README.txt file.

    Both programs have the general premise, they encrypt a message to be decrypted later. For all of the differences that I know of, please read the second half of the README.txt file.

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  16. This is the sixth in my series of screensavers for the TI-83+. It randomly moves a target around the screen, stopping when you press any key. Check it out! More programs at

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  17. The Beta of the next Design 3D version. Please PM me if you find bugs. See the included readme.txt, in-program help and the manual from v3.5 (the release avalible from for documentation and more info.

    And once again, Please PM me if you find bugs or glitches.

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  18. This is the Tetris background music. Requires mobileTunes and DoorsCS. It sounds pretty good, and was converted with the MIDI to mobileTunes converter on Cemetech. Useful for playing while you play Tetris on a separate calc!

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  19. Note: PLEASE MAKE SURE that you download ALL OF THE LISTS into your calculator in addition to the main program.

    MULTREG is a program for all of your multiple linear regression needs!
    It includes a User Guide, a walkthrough of each function (titled "Wait, What?"), a coefficient matrix/SSE/multiple correlation coefficient calculator, a hypothesis test for specific coefficients, a prediction interval for Y, and a hypothesis test regarding reduced models.

    This is the first program that I've uploaded on Cemetech, and I've done my best to make it as comprehensive as possible, so any and all feedback is welcome! :)

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  20. This is a fully functioning simulator.

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  21. This is a port of the classic Minesweeper game to your TI calculator!
    ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭ ¤ ✶ ¤ ⛭
    Simply download onto your TI-83+, 84+, or 84+CE and start sweeping!

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  22. This program you input the number of sides you want and you either can input the diameter you want it to be within or you can input the length of the sides and it will tell you the diameter it will be. For the unknown input a "0" zero and press enter to continue the program. Hope you like it.

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  23. Gives you the awesome face and a compliment. Now includes three programs, each with unique compliments and a cool Doors CS Icon! Based on the Google Chrome extension which can be found here (you have to be in Chrome): ttps:// Details are in the readme.

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  24. I added the source! (Axe)
    My next ideas are a pretrained brain to talk to and more memory availability.

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  25. This is an experimental version of a program that I plan to build in the future. That is what the "E" stands for. Compiled with the Axe Parser.

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  26. Ahoy Fellow DMs!
    Have your players ever said, "Hey, let's kill that random NPC!", but you had no stats for said NPC? Fear no more! With this handy NPC Generator you can create a complete NPC in seconds! NPCs are given a Name, Health, Armor Class, and all stats. Stats are also produced in the traditional 4d6-lowest roll formula, so you know they are accurate!

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  27. This is the completely re-written version of prgmLINEINFO; which had problems with returning wrong answers. But this program does not have that problem

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  28. A simple game of NIM for two players:

    On your turn, you can take as many stones as you like, as long as they all come from the same pile. Whoever takes the very last stone loses.

    One note: sometimes the program will generate a very small amount of stones. Just relaunch the program; it randomizes the numbers every time as of v1.0.0

    This is my first original game ever, so please test it out and see what you think, and don't roast me for accidentally clearing your RAM. (It didn't clear mine...)

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  29. OPENXDCS is a BASIC lib to make DoorsCS-style GUI available even in BASIC programs with minimal use of Pics. It uses the power of xLIB to do all the graphics and is pretty quick to do it too. Therefore, to make it more simple, the syntax used for XDCS is similar to that of xLIB.

    OPENXDCS is designed to easily use addons; I have included an example named "XDSNAP" which will automatically "snap" the cursor to a nearby button.

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  30. 2014 Omnimaga programming contest winner: Tipover

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  31. If you enjoy Pokemon or Earthbound, you'll probably enjoy this game. Play as four children who end up trapped in the Whirlpool Galaxy. Fight enemies and find materials to build a ship to take you back home to Earth.

    * Detailed graphics and smooth-scrolling
    * Four playable characters, each with unique weapons
    * A full story with cutscenes
    * 11 levels that take place on 8 different planets
    * 70+ enemies, including several bosses
    * Save up to 3 games

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  32. This file contains two routines for sorting and parsing the VAT entries of named variables. It uses the heapsort algorithm as its underlying core, providing a very fast sorting time. It also includes a routine whose output matches _ChkFindSym, but you can access the variables by index (ex. index 0 returns the information of the first [alphabetically] named variable).

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  33. RC3 is now out - Updates:
    - More optimizations. Start-up should be a little bit faster now.
    - Module skeleton:

    If you are NOT going to use an init script...
    :If [italic n]:Return
    :If [italic n]:Goto S

    :[program code here]

    ...and finally, if you ARE going to use an init script...
    :Lbl S
    :[init script here]
    ...otherwise you're done after your program code.

    - The ZoomEdit module has been updated and included in PyroEdit Extras.
    [b]- TiLP users: If you are having problems sending the groups to your calculator and you keep getting programs that start with brackets instead of Thetas, try sending them individually from the folders instead. If the problem persists, I will make two PyroEdit packages to remedy this problem.[/b]

    Keep up with updates:

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  34. PyroEdit III is finally ready for release!!!!
    Remember to post any bugs, quirks, or things that can be changed, your on modules or better versions of the ones I have made, etc!

    Have fun!

    Oh, yes, I guess I still do have to leave a description, heh.

    "PyroEdit," quoting from the User Guide 'cause I'm so lazy (:P), "is still a graphics editor that 'utilizes Patrick Prendergast's xLIB application to let you edit pictures and sprite sheets on your calculator' and 'will help you get through the spriting process much faster.'"

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  35. Mocked from the website which prompts you to type "Please answer my question" then "state your question". I have successfully ported this to the TI-83/84/+/SE calc.

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  36. This program will give the day of the week for any inputted date.

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  37. Rule and Conquer Trailer 1 is a beautiful 4 level grayscale trailer for my game in progress (note: not anymore, but this demo video was pretty cool back then, I thought).

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  38. CBLLight is a powerful and versatile program for using the TI Light Sensor or standard temperature sensors with the TI CBL, TI CBL 2, and the Vernier LabPro. The TI Light Sensor, TI Temperature Sensor, Vernier Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor, and Vernier Surface Temperature Sensor are supported by this version.

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  39. Yet another snake game, I think this is one of the better ones, but I'll let you decided!
    Right, Left, Up, Down, MODE, Y=, 2ND, ENTER.
    Note: This program will use Pic0, L1, L2

    Written in pure basic by: Justin Hair in 2021

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  40. See the readme.txt file.

    Basically, it's a little program that calculates the MD5 hash of an input string.

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  41. This is an oncalc compiler. See readme for details.

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  42. This is a decent program for your TI 83+/84+. It will generate a random phrase for your calculator. This was made in under a day during ISATS. To recommend more phrases, send an email to

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  43. This program lets TI-BASIC programmers to easily display an RPG game style textbox that supports automatic/manual line/page advancing, adjustable delays between characters and keypress to display text faster.

    This is my first assembly project ever. Huge props to two Lv. 99 ASM wizards Runer112 and Xeda112358 for lending me a hand when I needed help or explanation on how things work.

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  44. This is a port of the minigame "Snorlax's Lunchtime" from the PokeMini to the TI-83/84 Plus/SE. It requires DCS 7.2 to run.

    In this game, you control a Snorlax who wishes to eat food. Food will fall onto Snorlax's plate, and you must eat it (Press [2ND]) before the time runs out. The faster you eat it, the happier Snorlax will get and the better your score will be. However, occasionally a Pichu will fall onto Snorlax's plate. When this happens, you must avoid the Pichu or it will zap you and you will lose the game.

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  45. Displays Str0 on the graph screen, with word-wrap and scrolling. Potentially useful because GraphScreen text can be displayed smaller than it can be on the home screen. Not all features work properly, needs work. See Readme.

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  46. The synthesizer duel from the Regular Show season 7 episode 23, "Gary's Synthesizer", captured my imagination, so I have lovingly sequenced it as a 2-minute-long mobileTunes 3 song. Taking full advantage of (and occasionally bursting the bounds of) the four audio channels mobileTunes 3 supports, this song will threaten to turn into an earworm. Listen to it on YouTube:

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  47. I had made a more entertaining version, but with my calc getting wiped I lost it.

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