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These programs are for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ calculators, including the 83+ SE and 84+ SE. They are mostly not compatible with the color-screen 84+ CSE or CE variants, but some BASIC programs can be run on all of them.


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  1. This is a program to sort the VAT in-place using an adaptive insertion sort. It's fairly fast compared to other VAT sort implementations, but way faster than others I've found on a nearly-sorted or sorted VAT. For example, if you have 95 named variable VAT entries, and add 5 new programs, this takes just over .01 seconds to sort.

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  2. TINT, or TI Number Theory, is a package of lists and programs designed for number theoretic computation and analysis on the TI-84+ series of calculators. These programs are designed to be used as subprograms for larger projects, and are optimized for numbers less than ~10^12. This packages requires OS 2.53MP to run.

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  3. MuseInc is music maker made with TI-BASIC/Celtic III.
    It helps making music with axe.
    Please read the read me file for more information.

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  4. A simple 2d game where you try to shoot an alien with your spaceship. Score increments by one per kill. Run TEST.8xp(with all other .8xp files installed) to play

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  5. The game is in german!!! / Das Spiel ist in Deutsch!
    Du bist ein Jäger und musst Tiere erlegen, um besser zu werden.
    Version: 1.3

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  6. This Basic program can convert Kelvin, Celsius, and Farenheight from anything to anything. Because this is Basic it will run on pretty much any TI calculator. This oughta help in Physical Science and I plan on making more programs for this class.

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  7. OXIPAK 2 is the second installation in the OXIPAK collection of software. It includes various programs that have been scattered between file archive sites, as well as a VERY early Pre-Alpha version of Jungalia.

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  8. Ah, Simon, how he eludes us. This time, we must repeat a series of flashing boxes ("lights") in his specified order or we lose. Of course, it gets harder & longer as time goes on.

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  9. The Julian Date Converter is a very simple program that will accurately converter between the standard date
    (Month, Day, Year) and the Julian Date. This program will also allow you to convert from the Julian Date to the
    standard date.

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  10. This is probably the most advanced sudoku game out there. It features TOTALLY RANDOM SUDOKUS, and believe when I say, some sudoku games claim to have this, but it is simply the same puzzle with different numbers. It also features a Possibilites option, where you can 'pencil in' a box's possibilities for later use. You can also save and load sudokus.

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  11. Ever wanted to practice your math skills on a ti 84 plus?
    You probably won't but here it is!
    Coded in TI BASIC
    Type DONE in the answer selection to quit or press on.

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  12. My first ever finished program for the Ti 83/84!

    A simple port of minesweeper that runs in assembly with no shell.

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  13. This program lets you use the entirety of the open source h programming language on your calculator. Chech the README to see the commands.

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  14. Simple program created during school and at home.

    Allows you to calculate the area, perimeter, and volume of most but not all shapes.

    Changelog in read.txt

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  15. The Ultimate Temperature Converter! This is a very simple, easy program to use. This program
    that has you select which temperature unit you wish to convert from and then the program will
    give you that temperature in seven other different units.

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  16. The Chrome dino game on your calculator! With the ability to change cactus generation. Source coming soon, I just need to get everything in order. If you really want the source, you can look here:

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  17. An in-depth game with several hours of gameplay, a clear plot, and stunning graphics.

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  18. If you have a known complex matrix times an unknown column vector and you know the result in complex column vector form, you can find the unknown vector. This is a great help for nodal analysis in circuits.

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  19. This program features a fast tile mapping program using DCS functions to draw sprites from a picture and a matrix. It also demonstrates a fast automated ghost sprite moving around the maze.

    Bear in mind that the emulator is not as fast as on calc.

    I know that Kerm Martian already created a built-in tile mapper in DCS, but (no offense) I found it somewhat confusing so I created my own.

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  20. Greetings!

    Push the Box - there was a game like this on my old Siemens S45 mobilephone, ca. 20 years ago.
    I can´t remember its name or every details, but the main goal is: fill the the last row with boxes in the Hall,
    then they disappear and you get some points. The Cranes bring boxes continuosly. You must direct the worker.
    He can push, jump up or jump over one box. Don´t let him or any box fall from too high ( 2 unit box ).
    Beware of Cranes!
    The game is end if any Crane hit a box or the Worker. Or the Worker fall from too high.
    Good Luck!

    No need external libs, start as a normal assembler: Asm(prgmPUSH
    Tested and developed for Ti83+
    No warranty for any damage!
    Source on GitHub

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  21. Falling is a simple crash-landing game in which you are to pilot your space ship left or right as it falls towards a safety portal.
    All instructions are inside.

    Currently only available for the 83plus/84plus.
    I hope to port this to other calcs (such as the ti-86) in the future.

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  22. This program uses the quartz crystals on the TI-83+SE and TI-84s to compute the effective CPU clock speed of the calculator. It does not work on a TI-83+. For the TI-84 Plus C SE version, see

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  23. I guess this is what programmers do when they are bored. Watch the hated number do something else irrational: Conquer the world! View its progress in grayscale on your trusty TI-83+ calculator.

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  24. Oxcity is a challenging city course for TinycarZ on the 83+/84+, combining long straightaways with a sharp 90 degree corner, a fork in the road, and even an offroad section. Be careful not to drive into a dead end!

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  25. HomescreenPictures, in short, is a unique but simple program that allows you to take and recall pictures of the text on the homescreen. That's about it. Just note that the size of the program increases with the number of pictures you want. The current limit is 20, but I'll up it if enough people e-mail me about it. (It's tedious work, lemme tell you.)

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  26. A program that:
    - Calculates Quantiles from grouped dataset, using user input.
    - Draws BoxPlots from grouped dataset
    - Calculates Q1,Q2,Q3 from grouped dataset
    - Uses the basic Menu( function (dunno if that's a feature or not)

    Please read the ReadMe file for instructions on how to use it, and if you're interested in making it smaller or more efficient, I've also shared the SourceCoder3 project inside of it.

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  27. This is a variable-width bold font for Grammer 2.50.8+. This was made with DrDnar's Monochrome Font Editor (MFE):

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  28. The object of the game is to have more of your pieces on the board than the
    other player. The game starts off with two of your and two of the other player's
    pieces in the middle of the board. Each player then takes turns placing their
    pieces. You have to place your tile next to one (or more) of their tiles. All of the pieces that are in between your placement and another of your tiles get
    "flipped," or turned into yours. Once the board is filled, the game ends and
    whoever had the most pieces wins. Sometimes, there might not be an eligible
    move that you can make. In that case, you must pass your turn.

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  29. Ever hate it when you cant think of a new password?
    Well this will make one for you, just enter the length and poof a random password will appear!
    This program will work on a TI-84 CE
    Made in basic!

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  30. This TI-BASIC program provides a quick and easy way to calculate your BMI from your calculator.

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  31. zShell is a shell for easy program management. It allows you to do basic functions for programs; such as archiving, hiding, locking, executing, deleting, copying, and sending to App Vars. You can also sort programs based on their size.

    This can run on the monochrome versions of the TI-83 Plus/SE and TI-84 Plus/SE. The program is less than 3,000 bytes in size and it is loaded with features. Requires Celtic III (included) to be installed. Do not use on OS 0.46.

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  32. Action 52 for TI calculators, but with fewer games... and yes some of them can crash (no RAM clear hopefully, though). There are some "gems" in here, though, such as Bridge Warrior, Dash 3D and Balltrix, though.

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  33. This is a showcase of hard-coded sprites (as in, using Pt-On and Line commands in different ways for each sprite) in TI-84 Plus CE BASIC. Higher speed can be achieved by using simpler sprites. For those with a slower, older TI-84 Plus CE or TI-83 Premium CE calculator, running DrDnar's FASTER or FASTEST program might help with the speed.

    Since this is for a project, there is also an enemy sprite and map editor included.

    The code is unoptimized since I am still working on this, but feel free to re-use and optimize this.

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  34. A homescreen hook that appends the appropriate SI prefix (e.g. 'K' for kilo) to the results of a calculation done in ENG mode.

    Read the file for proper use and installation, or visit to see the documentation with images.

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  35. What would Among Us be like with nothing going wrong and nobody else on the ship but you?
    With, Among None for TI-83+/TI-84+, now you can finally find out!

    You can sit in the Skeld and explore its monochrome halls with no need to worry about tasks or other people. It's just you and the ship.

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  36. TI-Command Line is a simple command-line tool written in pure basic. The program includes 17 built-in default commands for you to toy around with. You also have the ability to install and remove custom functions that include BASIC or Assembly code.

    This release: v1.01α
    Compatible for: All monorchrome TI-83+/SE, TI-84+/SE

    Read the ReadMe.pdf file for more details on how to use the program. Have fun!

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  37. X-Wing 2.2 is a scrapped upgrade of X-Wing 2.1.4 which uses Celtic III- All the improvements from 2.1.4 are here, as well as flashing during gameplay is completely gone, it runs a bit faster, and you can now move in 8 directions instead of 4.

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  38. The classic game of Mancala, now on your calculator. Take turns playing against a friend, or practice your Mancala skills against a rigorous CPU AI.

    See readme.txt for instructions and controls.

    Tested working on 83+, 84+SE, and 84+CE. Should also run on 83 and 84+CSE, but untested.

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  39. Cloned Atari Breakout in C for Ti-83/84+ (non ce)

    Up button to fire ball

    left for left

    right for right

    clear to exit

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  40. Bananas is an incremental game in which you harvest bananas from a tree or from a drop crate.
    Upgrades are found in the shop. Use them to increase your banana income!

    Currently the game is very minimal but I hope to update and add features.

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  41. This version of Battleship is the standard 2-player turn-based game. You can place your own ships, or generate them randomly. This game DOES NOT use pictures, but it does use matrices [A] and [B].

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  42. A very simple yet useful program that just has you enter in an equation (in terms of Y=) and then
    the X value of the tangent line. From there, the porgram will calculate the equation of the
    tangent line for that equation and at the entered X value. This program will also store both equations
    into the Y1 and Y2 variables of the calculator.

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  43. A Tarot Card Drawer written in TI-BASIC for TI84/83 Plus model Graphing Calculators. The deck used is the Rider-Waite deck, and draws one Major and Minor Arcana, displaying them one at a time. It is entirely text based at the moment, maybe there will be a graphical version in the future.

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  44. SASSIDE.8xp: This program prompts side a, angle, and side b to give you the length of your missing side. Simple as that!

    SSSANG.8xp: This program finds every angle inside a triangle by prompting side a, side b, and side c.

    TRIGLAWS.8xp: This program is more of a note program than anything. It displays the equations for both the law of sine and law of cosine. The formulas given are for area using SAS; ASA, AAS, and SSA; SSS for finding angles; and SAS for finding sides.

    TRIGVALS.8xp: This program just gives you sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent values from any given sides.

    DISCLAIMER — Any values using square roots won't entirely work, since TI calculators make square roots decimals rather than simplifying. I'll try to find some solution to this at some point.

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  45. The city is in flames from Cemetech Contest #25. While navigating its ashes,
    You encounter a stout white figure.

    What will you say?

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  46. Collect, Race and Upgrade 17 different cars in this Demo version of CSRacing.
    Compete in 4 event types- Climb the rankings in officially sanctioned Ladder races, assert your racing prowess against CSR's best racers in the challenging Crew Battle mode,
    demonstrate true mastery of your car in Car Specific races, or just make some quick cash in Regulation races.
    The game's shell compatible, too. Can you conquer the drag strip?

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