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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. Reversi, the classic tile-flipping game. Only 1397 bytes, this game offers both
    a basic computer and a two player game mode!
    The object of the game is to have more of your pieces on the board than the
    other player. The game starts off with two of your and two of the other player's
    pieces in the middle of the board. Each player then takes turns placing their
    pieces. You have to place your tile next to one (or more) of their tiles. All of
    the pieces that are in between your placement and another of your tiles get
    "flipped," or turned into yours. Once the board is filled, the game ends and
    whoever had the most pieces wins. Sometimes, there might not be an eligible
    move that you can make. In that case, you must pass your turn. The cursor is
    colored the same as whoever's turn it is.

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  2. If you ever get in arguments, you should have this program! This uses Nash's theorem to settle any argument in the mathematically fairest way possible. In short, you come up with ways the argument could end and then you and who you are arguing with rate how they feel about each option on a scale from 0-10 (0 being worst imaginable, 5 being no preference, 10 being best thing ever), the calculator does many calculations with these and determines the best and fairest way the argument could end. More information about what this program does found here: P.S, the program still works if you don't want to do feelings on a scale from 0-10, and instead do something more precise with any amount like money gained/lost or people dead or something (just make sure you use a bigger number as being better).

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  3. He He He Ha! Time for a prank program! ryanconmartians presents…

    TheHapara Prank!

    Wanna prank your friends? Middle/High Schools usually provide Chromebooks, with the screen monitoring extension known as Hapara.
    I recently came across Question: Why are so many people illiterate about TI84+CEs topic on If you know how Hapara usually works, you will understand this prank.
    To Hapara someone successfully, try some of these inputs: 7410, 2563, and 5978.
    To Hapara someone UNsuccessfully, try any of these inputs except for 0.
    Wonder what 0 does? You try!

    [<^v>] = Navigate menu
    [0][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]: Input
    [enter]: Proceed in areas possible
    [on]: Exit the program

    Source Code included in case you want to tweak the program.

    Celtic CE Libraries needed.


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  4. Modified Version of BasicTH's SolitiCE Program.

    This Modified Version of Solitaire Will Include New Features & a Modified Menu

    This is Version 1 & Only Includes the Renaming of Items in The Main Menu

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  5. This Basic program can convert Kelvin, Celsius, and Farenheight from anything to anything. Because this is Basic it will run on pretty much any TI calculator. This oughta help in Physical Science and I plan on making more programs for this class.

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  6. Version: v1.2
    Licence: ⟪BSD-3-Clause⟫

    Embrace a captivating visual experience with ScreenSaver, a mesmerizing collection of CE game screen savers designed to transform your idle screen into a captivating spectacle. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world of dynamic visuals, where bouncing objects, scrolling Calc's, and captivating animations come to life.

    - 80+ Screensavers *counts the sprites*
    - Automatic Looping
    - LCD Screen Dimming
    - Palette Fading
    - Creativity

    - Terminate with a Click: Simply click any key to effortlessly terminate the program.

    - Title Screen
    - Globe Bonce
    - TV Scroll
    - Solo TV
    - Bouncing TV

    Copyright © 2023, Alvajoy123

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  7. This is a dumb program I made to annoy my friend who hates the Jump In The Cadillac song. Press enter to make the lyrics duplicate. Press on to stop the program.

    This works perfectly on the TI-84+ CE and the TI-84+ CSE. It also works on the TI-83/84+, but some characters will go past the screen (You can modify it to work just fine though).

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  8. This is a group of TI-Basic programs and subroutines to encode/decode Morse code.

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  9. This program is coded in Python and can only be executed on Python calculators. You will enter "fib(" then put in the number of fibonacci numbers that you want and close the parenthesis. It will display the fibonacci numbers in sequence format. 100% accurate and under 200 bytes!

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  10. CSRacing Car Maker lets you create your own custom cars for Calculator Street Racing and Calculator Street Racing Deluxe via Python.
    It can be used as a free and slightly more in depth alternative to the built in Car Creator found in the original game.

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  11. Wordle BASIC is a Wordle clone implemented entirely in TI-84+CE BASIC. Download and ungroup WORDLE.8xo into RAM to install. Note the size of the group (~60 kb) as this much free RAM is required to play.

    Your aim is to guess a hidden 5-letter word in six tries or less, using information about previous guesses to inform your next. Enter words using the keypad, with [DEL] to backspace and [2ND]/[ENTER] to submit a guess. If the word is invalid, a red ! will flash.

    After submitting a valid guess, the letters of the guess will be colored according to how they align with the secret word. A green letter is in the correct position, an orange letter is correct but not in the right spot, and a grey letter does not appear anywhere. The game tracks how many guesses you take to guess the secret word, as well as your current win streak.

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  12. This is a screensaver written in ICE for the TI-84 Plus CE. Watch the video or read the README for more details.

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  13. This is a group of TI-Basic programs and subroutines dedicated to base manipulation between binary/decimal/hex including a coders' calculator (supports and/or/xor), jmp calculator, and flashcards to help you to learn how to (practice) convert binary or hex to decimal in your head.

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  14. A command-line interface shell and program launcher with many cool features, With the help of the Oxygen library, Xenon CL can organize files and folders, use multiple users, and much more.

    Version 0.0.27, 'Pre-Release'

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  15. TI-Basic program that I use to display key presses at the center of the screen. This can be useful for programming in TI-Basic.

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  16. This is a simplistic maze generator for the CSE and CE. The code is old, but still plenty of fun to mess about with. Each maze will fill the screen, provide only one path to the exit, and only take a single-digit number of minutes to generate (maybe). A minigame to solve the maze is also bundled in.

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  17. Speedread Edition One
    I’m hyping up this series a lot because I think even though this is pretty basic, it could end up being pretty popular, especially among fans of speed-reading “tests” on YouTube.
    Some pointers: Like always, the only control is ENTER (I haven’t figured how to use other controls yet but also expect that soon).
    Also, thanks to KermMartian for supporting me on this on my forum, and thank you to everyone who voted that I should publish this.
    Thanks to you, TIny_Hacker for making the amazing Spriter program which I used to make the logo.
    Referencing this in the future, you can call it “SpdRd[insert edition number]” in the SAX, Discord, forum and anywhere you want to.

    You might want to read the "readme" attached to the .zip


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  18. Title says it all. Read the included readme file for details.

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  19. a ti basic program that celebrates your birthday .

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  20. This program written in C displays your approximated battery level.
    It can display the following levels:
    -More than 75%
    -Between 50% and 75%
    -Between 25% and 50%
    -Between 5% and 25%
    -Less than 5%

    If you find any bug, feel free to contact me!

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  21. it is a D20 for the ti84+ce

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  22. A sequel to the Desert Bus game included with the unreleased Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirror Sega CD package. In this sequel, your bus crashed into a tree midway through the desert and caught fire, so you must wait 8 hours for the towing truck to arrive.

    A grayscale TI-83 Plus version of the game by JWinslow23, which plays similar, is also available at

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  23. a basic game i made while i was bored, dont expect much

    its just basic movement and a a few random numbers

    the game ends when the enemy touches you

    a brief explanation of the screenshots:

    the first is the start menu

    the ones with the + and * is how gameplay looks
    the + is the player and the * is the enemy

    the enemy movement is a random number for x and y, corresponding to the
    player x and y

    the one with game over is the game over screen
    it displays how many cycles of the game you survived

    please excuse the bad description and readme

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  24. A peggle-like game for the TI-84+CE.

    How to play:

    Move around the "Spitter" (the thing in the top center of the screen) using the arrow keys. This is how you aim it. You can throw from it using the "2nd" key. Hitting the pins on the screen increases your score and also the more you hit in a row, the higher the score increases for each next one you hit. You start with 20 pinballs, your pinballs increase by 3 for each level you complete. You can view the 'guidance' for the ball by pressing the "Mode" button. This will show you where your pinball will go and what pins will be hit without wasting a ball. You use up one guide, which is shown in the bottom right, for each time you use the power. You can get more guides by getting a streak of 5, then for each successive hit, you gain one guide.

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  25. You are going on an adventure with Mark and you get to choose where to go. You have three places that you can
    travel to: the desert, the forest, or a mountain. Each location will bring unexpected surprises and you have to choose what to do after each event. Be careful though, not every option is a good one. Continue at your risk,
    you have been warned...

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  26. Clock Utility CE is another port of mine from the unreleased version of Clock Utility for the monochrome calculators. In this new port, comes with new features never released in any of my clock programs (like Digital Clock Plus). This program features color text and backgrounds, moon phase and Easter Calculation, analog and digital clocks, stopwatch and timer, calendar, and more! Please use this on OS and newer.

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  27. Keyboard is a program for the TI-84+ CE that allows usage of lowercase letters in TI-Basic programs by saving the text entered in a string.

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  28. 15-Puzzler is a TI-BASIC port of the classic 15-puzzle logic game. This port features three levels of difficulty and high/low score saving. Have fun!

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  29. Simple yet entertaining game, when one gets bored!

    Suggest any ideas in the forum:

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  30. Ever hate it when you cant think of a new password?
    Well this will make one for you, just enter the length and poof a random password will appear!
    This program will work on a TI-84 CE
    Made in basic!

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  31. This utility highlights which key was most recently pressed, and the "hold" option keeps all previously pressed keys highlighted.

    The "Normal" layout is what you would find on the front of your calculator
    The "Keyboard" layout corresponds to the TI-84 KE, as shown in this thread:

    This tool allows you to easily test all the keys on your keypad.
    There is no graceful exit, but pressing "ON" to quit also tests the "ON" button, so maybe that's a feature!

    Disclaimer, this will mess with your window and graphscreen format settings, and turns off all of your plots, and also uses a lot of the alphabetical variables, List1, and MatrixA.

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  32. Base 3 CE is the new and improved version of the Base series, with new updates and improved gameplay and graphics. With 41 unlockable achievements, this game provides hours of play! This new version of Base Invade has color text (thanks to Dr. D'nar's CE TextLib) and custom font sprites (thanks to Iambian's CE font hooks). Base 3 CE includes more difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy!, and INSANE!!. This program has had positive feedback from others, so be sure to spend some time and check it out! NOTE: For better performance, it is recommended to use calculators with revision I or later with operating system or later installed.

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  33. This program demonstrates the speed and power of Celtic ce with a fast tile mapping program that draws sprites from hex data and a matrix. It also features an optimized automated ghost that moves around the maze.

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  34. This is a version of the classic board game Ludo (also known as "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" in Germany) for the TI-84 Plus CE. The rules are included in the README file.

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  35. A homescreen hook that appends the appropriate SI prefix (e.g. 'K' for kilo) to the results of a calculation done in ENG mode.

    Read the file for proper use and installation, or visit to see the documentation with images.

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  36. Emulate a cool ancient math tool
    on your modern math tool!

    Probably the simplest emulator
    written in TI-Basic!

    -show current number
    -reset beads

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  37. MINDNRS is a game for the TI-84CE, written in TI-Basic. The game is an
    elaboration on the well-known MasterMind game. This version uses numbers instead
    of colors. Give your brain some exercise!

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  38. A TI-Basic extension written in Basic.
    Has three variable types so far:
    Array (2 dimensional)
    Empty (a Variable with no constructs, basically a string)
    Vector (basically a list with an unlimited index, but is intended for 3d programming)

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  39. Mouse

    A mouse game in ti-84 that also can serve as a tutorial on how to add controls to move something on-screen using ti-basic. This game is quite fun with 4 levels. And by looking at the source code, you can implement cursors in your ti-basic programs.

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  40. The classic game of Mancala, now on your calculator. Take turns playing against a friend, or practice your Mancala skills against a rigorous CPU AI.

    See readme.txt for instructions and controls.

    Tested working on 83+, 84+SE, and 84+CE. Should also run on 83 and 84+CSE, but untested.

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  41. Analog clock written in TI-BASIC. Hit [MODE] to adjust settings, change time, etc. You can also access a shell from this menu to do calculations without quitting the program.

    To set a custom clock face, save it as Pic1 and set Z to 42 before running the program. An example is included with the download.

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  42. This is probably the best of all three versions of this program that I made!
    This is a lite version of the day of week program, which calculates the day of week of any given date.

    When you try to calculate on what day of the week a date was using the DayofWk( command, you might have noticed that the answer wasn't correct.
    I don't expect you'll have seen that though, but I've tested it with several dates and I can tell you it isn't correct.
    If you want to know more about this, you can read the 'readme' file.

    There are some important notes for some country's noted in the 'readme' file!

    Current version: 1.0.0

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  43. A maze game made in TI-BASIC. Inspired by the maze game found here:

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  44. While it's not much for my first upload to Cemetech, it's something. Enjoy this mockery of your typical low effort call X app on android.

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  45. This program demonstrates some of the key features of Celtic ce and can be used as a tool for learning to use Celtic ce.

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  46. This is a group of TI-Basic programs and subroutines that model and manipulate a deck of standard playing cards or tarot cards.

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