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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. This useful tool will convert your text into Morse code! Not only that, but it will flash your Morse code back to you using the screen brightness! You can also save and load strings of Morse code for the calculator to flash back. This program also has other features such as setting your brightness back to its original state when you quit! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.

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  2. RubEX is the first graphic Magic Cube emulator for the TI-84 Plus CE and is now in C! Scramble it yourself or have the calculator auto-scramble it. Solve it while the calculator counts your moves. RubEX is a must-have for any Magic Cube enthusiast with a TI-84 Plus CE. New in version 2.2: Multiple color schemes.

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  3. A simple "demo" of rotating/zooming a 16-color image on the calculator.
    Runs full screen at about 16 frames per second.

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  4. This amazing program, written in pure BASIC, lets you use your calculator to preform math in bases 2 through 36!
    All further information is outlined in the README. Source code now included! (no clue why it wasn't before)

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  5. The ultimate TI-BASIC drag racing game, now in color! Collect, Race and Upgrade 30 different cars, or create your own car from the ground up and share it with the world.
    Compete in 5 different event types- Climb the rankings in officially sanctioned Ladder races, assert your racing prowess over CSR's best racers in the challenging Crew Battle mode,
    demonstrate true mastery of your car in Car Specific races, just make some quick cash in Regulation races, or, once you've completed all the other modes, experience the freedom of Custom Spec races.
    The game's shell compatible, too. Can you conquer the drag strip?
    V1.1.2 fixes an issue with page 2 of the change car menu.

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  6. A new and improved version of your favorite file manager has been created, better than ever before. Full of new features and capabilities, xFiles CE will make your experience better with a fancy GUI, all possible by the amazing work of RoccoLox Programs' work of Celtic CE. Version 1.02 is included in this version, with bug fixes and other tweaks. This version contains the SPD update and Celtic CE 1.2 Beta commands!

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  7. The Oiram Micro Levels are a set of Oiram levels that I made a very long time ago and aren't very clean, but they are for people with little memory to spare on their CEs. While not everything might make sense by the standard definition, every level has its perks and challenges. After beating these levels once, you might as well keep them due to the small amount of memory they take up, or you might keep them because it's nice to have easy levels on hand so you can beat something at any given time. Please enjoy my first Level pack: Oiram Micro Levels!

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  8. Screensavers for TI-84+CE. TEXTLIB by DrDnar included.

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  9. CHELSEA (Chatbot Harnessing ELIZA's Logic to Simulate Emotional Analysis) is a chatbot made entirely in TI-BASIC designed to mimic the behavior of a psychologist. Talk to it about your problems, and perhaps she might help. This uses techniques from 1966 that can pass the Turing test!

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  10. TI-Craft CE is a simple 2-dimensional Minecraft clone for the color TI-84 Plus models (C Silver Edition and CE). Due to the limitations of TI-Basic, it is based on Minecraft Classic (creative mode only, no flying, limited world size).

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  11. Fire And Flames is a fast-paced puzzle in which you are an arsonist burning locations and landmarks to the ground.
    Balance risk versus reward with the amount of havoc you can cause while staying alive! (Note: Download includes source code.)
    This game was created for CC25.

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  12. Hello, this is My first game here, the gameplay is simple, destroy as many TIE fighters as you can before they destroy you.

    - fixed some bugs

    - added powerups
    - fixed highscore bug

    - changed quit button from [on] to [clear]
    - fixed spawn rates for powerups
    - fixed powerups being hidden

    - fixed powerup spawning

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  13. Catch the presents and the occasional candy cane to get points, but don't catch the coal, or you lose a life!
    Made for CC21: Holiday Celebrations!

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  14. This program was originally made by tifreak8x, I only created and implemented the load code. Doors is NOT required to run this program.
    This program is a utility for programmers to create cool icons to go with their programs. It will show up in Cesium, Doors CS 8, and the upcoming Doors CS 9. Abilities: Use all 15 colors provided by the OS, preview your icon, reload to edit your icon, and more! Read the ReadMe for more information.

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  15. Play the classic game snake! Grow and eat food in the game Snake, a fun archaic game. All within the lovely bounds of TI-Basic (for maximum homey feels) Have fun!

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  16. This is a port of the game made by YouTuber carykh of a 2D Rubik's Cube. It is my first time writing in C so as I learn more I will refine the code and make it faster. Open the ReadMe for instructions.

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  17. This program will create a pink (technically Magenta) Heart image using graphs and shading. Use this program to expand your love life, or just look at the code to learn how to make a heart using graphs.

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  18. This is the first installment in the S.A.M.M. series. It is a 2D exploration
    game, inspired by the Metroidvania genre. Take control of a lone mining
    machine lost deep in the heart of an earthquake-damaged mine. The game is simple,
    but one question remains: How did you get powered on? And by who ... or what?

    Available in English and Fran├žais!

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  19. CBLLight is a powerful and versatile program for using the TI Light Sensor with the CBL, CBL 2, and the Vernier LabPro.

    This is a functioning beta version. Please see the readme for more information.

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  20. The Omega Trail is a text-based adventure game in which you are on a journey to find the Omega. It is inspired by The Oregon Trail and written in TI-BASIC. !If anyone can manage to make win the difficulty O-Mega Hardcore with video proof (because the stats page can easily be cheated) I'll add an Easter-egg about them in the game!

    This game features:
    - Local Multiplayer
    - Singleplayer
    - Dysentery
    - Breath-taking sights to mark your progress.
    - A custom Cesium icon.
    - A few more unmentioned things included in the game so you may discover them yourself.

    - Send "THEOMGTR" to your calculator, and run it.

    - Game by slimeenergy
    - Inspired by the game "The Oregon Trail"

    Changelog (Unreleased versions not included and merge into the latest version closest to them. That's why there's a jump from 1.0 to 2.1):
    - Version 2.1:
    -- Balanced gameplay
    -- Long-term stats (this includes keeping track of wins)
    -- Better sense of progress
    -- Suicide
    -- You can now find programs when you have less than four wheels, they're just less common
    -- Difficulties changed. Changed easy to 10, and kind-of easy to 15.
    -- O-Mega hard is still pretty impossible. If anyone can manage to make it with video proof (stats page can easily be cheated) i'll add an easter egg about them in the game.
    - Version 1.0:
    -- Uploaded

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  21. Menus OS is a complex BASIC shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It includes many features, including around 20 games and many more programs. v4.4.4

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  22. With the new color screen calculators come a rechargeable battery. With this, you now have to charge it or your batteries will die when you are in the middle of playing 2048 :( . TI recommends that you recharge the batteries at least once a month. This convenient utility will store the date last charged and the date one month later into two custom lists and will display the information in a convenient format (see screenshot). This utility is a must-have if you do not want your calculator to die in the middle of something. Works on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the TI-84 Plus CE. Has a Doors icon, but Doors IS NOT REQUIRED to run this.

    Fix: restores default lists on program exit

    Fixed month incrementing bug, see readme.

    By: SM84CE
    Comments or questions?? Post them in the feedback section below.

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  23. you can dial one number, wait on hold, and see what happens next!

    -------V 1.2.1-------
    added compatibility for older calculators
    fixed some bugs
    Added custom number

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  24. Made for CC22, LogicalJoe presents Splat! Splat is a fast-paced game with 4 different game modes! Featuring a simple avatar editor that everyone can use and understand. But based on the avatar, your gameplay can drastically change. You find it too easy? Simply change your character to different colors; Never get too used to one configuration! Good luck! -- Source included!

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  25. Adds commas (or spaces) to real numbers displayed on the homescreen in TI-OS.

    It can also change what character is used as a decimal point.

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  26. S2C is a Strange attractor grapher in C with many features: use the whole screen for artwork rather than just the Graph Screen; plot the Lorenz system (sorry, that's it for now); switch between dot and line modes; and customize the number of iterations. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone. And, if you haven't already, check out F1C on Cemetech as well! Note: the screenshot is slightly out of date.

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  27. Use this easy to use, small, and fast program to quickly view and graph trigonometric graphs!

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  28. Set is a fun and simple, but hard game. The player has to analyse 15 cards, to find sets of 3 cards that match. It's a game for quick thinkers with sharp eyes and a lot of brain power. Specific instructions of how the game works are included in the program and can also be found with a simple Google Search. Try to beat your own Hi-Score, and enjoy!

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  29. The Ultimate Temperature Converter! This is a very simple, easy program to use. This program
    that has you select which temperature unit you wish to convert from and then the program will
    give you that temperature in seven other different units.

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  30. This nifty program will alow you to send and receive messages from other calculators if they are connected with USB cord, perfect if you want to
    send messages in class without talking or using a phone!

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  31. This is my CC21 entry, as the holiday Diwali. Instructions are in the readme, as well as more info on this and where to find contact information. It's basically a spin-off of the Lights-Out Series of games. After CC21 voting ends, I will start updating the program to include more features.

    This was written using the ICE language for the CE, ICE was (and still is) made by PT_

    UPDATE: Fixed a crashing bug

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  32. Based on ICE Sprite Creator by CalcMeister (Sam), this program was written from the ground up in ICE to add many features, including the ability to read from/write to ALL OS strings;The ability to create Cesium icons;Two new draw commands: Line and Rectangle;The ability to type in the sprite dimensions instead of clicking them in;An undo feature;Instant saving/loading of sprites (no more scrolling through numbers);A polished menu system;and more! All credit for main GUI goes to CalcMeister (Sam)

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  33. Ever wanted to make a really cool looking sprite, but the only way to do it is by hard-coding it? This program will allow you to easily make that sprite and even allow you to test it so you will know exactly how your sprite will look in-program!

    AAIONIA current features:
    -Make more complex sprites quickly and easily
    -Make fine or thick sprites
    -Easily get a friendly window
    -Save your project and finish it later
    -Load a background sprite for reference
    -AutoSave, so your hard work is never lost!
    -Adjust speed of cursor
    -Test sprite:
    --Rotate sprite any number of degrees
    --Reflect sprite across an axis
    --Translate it across the entire screen
    --Stretch it or compress it
    --Revert to original sprite

    Note: If you have any questions, please don't put them in a review since it is very difficult for me to get back to you that way. Instead PM me and I'll be able to answer your question much quicker.

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  34. Have you ever wanted a program give you the difference between a magnitude 1 earthquake and magnitude 10? Have science homework that requires difference from magnitude 1 to Infinite? Well this is the program for YOU! For know you need to put lowest number first and highest number second.

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  35. This program converts a string into a list where the tokens become numbers. Source code is included. Enjoy!

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  36. That's right, now you can encode QR codes on your very calculator!

    The program is of course limited, currently you can only generate Version 1 (21x21) symbols which store up to 17 characters of text.

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  37. Heller peeps of the future! I'm past King Dub Dub, and this is my CC25 entry!

    I've included the premade FOODFITE.8xp file and the source so you can enjoy playing the game and laughing at my pathetic coding skills. This is an identical copy of what I originally sent, but I've added some gameplay footage as a preview and a link to the Github repo:

    The original Cemetech post:

    Food Fighter is pretty simple: help Jerry go to work and kill extremely peeved sandwich men who poof out of the ether on their spawning platforms. Use the arrow keys to move, [2nd] to fire your trusty flamethrower, [del] to pause, and [clear] to quit the game quickly and hide the evidence from your teachers. Don't shoot for too long, or get hit by too many sandwiches, or you'll end up extremely dead. There's no one who can help you at all at that point, no mysterious god-like entities here, not at all. Oh, and you boost your score by dropping ingredients from the enemies into the proper slot, I.E. the bread shape goes in the square hole. So in short: kill everything, keep the floor clean, and don't die. Simple! Read the included README for more tips and instructions if you need some.

    Note that the footage was taken on emulated hardware without screen-tear, physical calcs (until we fix the C libs) may have a faint diagonal line through the screen during some animations.

    You will need the aforementioned CE C libraries in order to run this program:

    Playing the DOOM Eternal soundtrack while using the flamethrower is recommended but not required.

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  38. Super-Sweeper is a MineSweeper Clone for the Ti84plus-CE written in C. Featuring 17 different variants of MineSweeper, a colorful GUI menu, custom games, and a few graphical effects here and there.

    The objective of Super-Sweeper is to safely Flag all of the hidden Mines by using the numbered tiles. The tiles will tell you how many Mines are nearby. Be careful, clicking on a tile with a Mine underneath will cause the game to explode!

    Super-Sweeper also comes with a Windows version that you can run on your computer.

    The game is currently underdevelopment, so not every feature is implemented or finished quite yet. Some of the planned upcoming features include save files, an overlay of the search pattern when chording, an endless MineSweeper game-mode, and a leader-board.

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  39. This is a little map editor thing I started working on that can be used to make text maps on the graph screen
    with color for the text. This could be used for any matrix-based engine with a 10x22 matrix. It would take
    further code to make it work for other, similar engines.
    It's not the most optimized it could be right now, and there are probably faster ways to do a lot of the things
    I'm doing, but I was mostly just messing around.

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  40. The Calendar and Task Sorter is a program that allows you to see a calendar for any month and year that is entered into the calculator. Program will always default to the current month and year the calculator is set for. Tasks can be entered into the calculator and reminders can be set to remind you the day the task is set for. Task reminders will appear when the program is run. A manual and date calculator is included in the program. This program is written only in basic.

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  41. Description:

    TYPER CE is an advanced program that will allow you to learn to type quickly on your CE, it is also really fun and can get you something to do when you are bored.


    Additional Program For Developers To Create DLC Packs With Extra Content And More Words For The Program.

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  42. A very cool 2.5D (pseudo 3D) raycasting engine programmed in ICE for the TI 84+ CE by TheRad2

    All of this has been tested and works with my TI-84+CE (OS

    Have fun and make sure to look at the README for controls/directions (:

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  43. Another demonstration of evolution on the TI-84+ CE. Significantly faster than my older linevoultion, and comes with a fancy UI. See for more details.

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  44. This program is unlike other quadratic solver, you don't have to type the variables in separately, all you have to do is type in a Quadratic equation. You don't even have to know what the variables in the form ax^2 + bx + c are. All you have to do is copy down whats in your math book. This gives you the roots of the equations, which variables are which, and the vertex of the equation. Have fun!

    PS(for Americans): Don't use this on the ACT! If you are caught you will be banned from taking it again!

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  45. With this program written in TI-BASIC you can calculate the day of week for any given date!

    When you try to calculate on what day of the week a date was using the DayofWk( command, you might have noticed that the answer wasn't correct.
    I don't expect you'll have seen that though, but I've tested it with several dates and I can tell you it isn't correct.
    If you want to know more about this, you can read the 'readme' file.

    I've in this program made a settings part, in which you can set everything for your country.

    I really want to thank one of my classmates, who can calculate a day even out of his head, also for the Julian calendar.

    current version: 1.2.2

    -I really recommend checking the 'lite' version of this program if you want a smaller one:
    -There are some important notes for some country's noted in the 'readme' file!

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  46. High Definition Picture Viewer CE is a nifty tool that allows you to utilize the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE's full screen resolution for viewing images!
    Version 2 dramatically increases the resolution supported! Zoom and pan features allow most images up to 1080p to be viewed on the calculator. A picture converter is included to create calculator-compatible files.

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  47. **Early Access Alpha**

    *scanner fixed*
    *Smart-Detect hook added*
    A suite of calculator security tools that actually functions, unlike many of the fake tools that just search for names like VIRUS, or don't scan at all. This program already has the ability to:

    - Save and update a database of all Programs or Protected Programs on your calculator, consisting of their names, sizes, and a 24-bit checksum.
    - Compare the current version of the program with the version in the database, and inform you if the size or checksum don't match.
    - Ability to scan your programs/protected programs for byte sequences that are potentially hazardous, via a virus definitions file that will be community-sourced.
    - Save your calculator's date and time settings in a secure location, thus preserving it across RAM clears. Every time you run this program, the date/time are either silently re-saved (if later) or restored (if earlier).
    - Program running hook to allow the virus scan or checksum scan to be run on a specific program before it runs (disable-able)

    Upcoming Features:
    - Ability to view/modify virus definitions on calc.
    - A firewall to integrate with any networking protocols devised for the CE.

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