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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. F15 is a fractal grapher with many features: plot Mandelbrot, Julia, Sierpinski, and custom formulas; customize color preferences; adjust pixilation range from 7x7 pixels to 1x1 pixel; customize iteration range; and do much more. The mystery of fractals is now easily accessible to everyone.

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  2. This TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition version of my Dynamic Recursive Fractal Generator takes advantage of the new calculator's bigger color screen to generate detailed, colorful fractals. It now renders faster and more accurately, and you can cleanly escape by pressing any key. Simply enter
    a coefficient for the fractal, sit back, and enjoy. Now with Doors CSE 8 icon!

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  3. [_iPhoenix_'s CC20 Sea Entry!]
    You are a fish living in an ocean current, and lots of food and poisonous pollutants float your way!

    Have fun trying to eat all of the fish food (periods) and avoid the poison (weird plot mark thingies)!

    -Includes a pause menu with an in-game tutorial! (explained in README.txt)
    -Fish customization options! (You could play this game 64 times without repeating fish!)
    -Highscores table!

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  4. This is a fun animation I've been meaning to do since I got my CSE. After painstakingly fixing an image that was screen grabbed from the movie, I now have this fully animated and looking lively! Set your calculator to Red Alert and let others know your calculator is standing by for battle.

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  5. A Maze Game with two modes, Easy and Hard. In hard mode the path disappears behind you, so be careful!

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  6. This program draws random circles around on the graphscreen in random spots, going from a radius of 1 to 35, and using a random color for each line the calculator draws. Fun stops when a key is pressed. Just something fun I was playing with to learn about the Circle( command and how it uses colors. Plus it's nice to see how it interacts with the other circles already drawn out.

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    This program will solve a system of equations requiring a 3x3 matrix, using Cramer's law visually.

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  8. Trap the mouse is a two player game where one person attempts to trap a mouse using hexagonal pillars while another player attempts to navigate the mouse to safety. It comes with changeable settings.

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  9. This is a fairly simplistic and fun game. Where you choose what you character should do based on a list of options.

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  10. This program is for all of us high school and college students that are fussing over what we need to get on finals! Just plug in the numbers where you are prompted and the calculator will do the rest! NOTE: 'W' should be in percent, not decimal form (i.e. '80' for 80%, not '0.80')

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  11. This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the functions. It allows you to Set the Time and Date, view a real-time clock, use the built in timer, and preform many complex calculations, including:
    -finding the Day of the Week
    -converting a large amount of seconds to Days, Hour, Minutes, and Seconds
    -finding the amount of days between two dates
    -and much more!
    This will NOT work for TI 84-Plus CSE, as the menu bug (seen in the screenshots) will make it very hard to use

    Sorry about the error bug in screenshots,I had to use a TI-84 Plus CSE emulator, and those still have the menu bug. THe program looks fine on the 84 Plus CE, however.

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  12. This will allow you to bounce text instead of pixels around your screen. Read the included readme for further instructions.

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  13. Convert any base to another base! (Up to base36). Now conversions to/from binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and more are all a piece of cake now thanks to this program! A MUST download for your TI83+ or TI84+ series calculator!

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  14. Study is a completely on-calculator flashcard and self-quiz suite in TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus CE (it's untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition but may still work). There are three programs: STUDY, INITSTDY, and INITDRAW. See the file "README.txt" for detailed instructions and other information regarding each program.

    I hope that the Study suite will be useful and would greatly appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, and/or bug reports (especially regarding usage on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition as I do not own one on which to test the Study suite myself)!

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  15. In this strangely fun and satisfying program, you can bounce a bouncy ball in a small room! More details in the readme! Huge thanks to JWinslow23 for taking the time to slice off a ton of bytes from this program.

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  16. Collect rings and save the Flickies in Sonic TI-Blast! There are five acts plus an endless Ring-collecting mode.
    This version is fully compatible with DoorsCS7 and MirageOS.

    - Special stages now deduct the number of rings required to enter them. (While still giving you enough rings so as to not get softlocked)
    - It is no longer possible to farm more than 3 chaos emeralds in PPZ act 2.

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  17. A fun mind bending game where a user must navigate through a maze, you can now create your own DLC pack of mazes by using MAZEEDIT
    and then pasting the list into your DLC program.

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  18. Translated by CODERTHEBARBARIAN
    Appeared in Creative Computing Collection: 101 Games for You and Your Microcomputer.

    The game starts with a random number of objects (Lets call them chips) in a pile. You can take 1,2,3, or 4 chips. The computer starts, and your goal is to end with an even number of chips.

    Sound simple? It is at first. But the AI quickly learns, and after 10 or so games is incredibly hard to beat... give it a go?

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  19. Welcome to Descent Delivery! The future of delivery is here! Control a package inside a delivery room, and guide it to the delivery truck. The package moves until it hits a wall, so you must be smart in maneuvering through the many rooms. Good luck! UPDATE: Fixed small bugs with game elements

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  20. Use this program to easily solve any trigonometry problem! Use this for an easy A in your math classes. If you find any bugs make sure to contact me. Hope you enjoy.

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  21. Compute the molar mass of any compound, including those with parentheses! Can calculate the molar mass from chemical formulas of practically unlimited length, including those with multiple digits of subscripts and those with parentheses nesting up to 998 times! Also features a silent mode for BASIC program integration.

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  22. A beta text editor for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition that still has much need for optimization.

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  23. Inspired by Texas Instruments' TI-83 Plus Organizer, RoccoLox Programs gives you the TI-84 Plus C
    Silver Edition/CE Organizer (or Organizer CSE/CE)! Kind of similar to the Calendar and Task Sorter, but
    this program includes a lot more features. This program has four main sections to it: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Find. The Contacts section will allow you to store a person's: name, phone number, e-mail, and address. The contacts will sort themselves in alphabetical order. The Calendar section will display a calendar for any month and year that you enter. The calendar will default to the month and year that is currently stored in the calculator. The Tasks section lets you enter in a: date, time, and a task to be completed. The tasks will sort themselves in order from the latest date to the earliest date. The Find section will have you enter in a: letter, number, or keyword, and the program will search through all of the tasks and contacts to see if it can find a match for what you entered into the search box. Please read the README document to see all of the controls and features in this program and, most importantly, please enjoy using this program.

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  24. This is a demo for my upcoming RPG for the TI-84 Plus CE, titled "PAIN RPG"

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  25. Nuke Simulation is a very involved and fun program. It is a program that simulates detonations of nuclear weapons, and you can view to see what it takes to detonate a certain area. There are many different types of bombs, and you can blow things up from a small towns to entire universes! I hope you like this program!

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  26. This program shows you a table of characters not easily available on calc for the CSE, allows you to store the ones you want to a string to recall them into a program of your choice afterwards. Small update to usability of program.

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  27. Too Many Boats is a fast-paced game of decisions written in pure BASIC for CC20 water.

    You are the commander of a Dock, you have: 3 docks, a revenue requirement, reputation, and a time limit.
    Within the time limit, you must decide to either accept or reject barges carrying a variety of goods and rewards, let them finish unloading at your dock, and gain the required amount of money! Make sure to pay attention to your reputation though, with reputation you can buy perks to advance far into the later levels! Thank you to SM84CE for adding some needed optimizations and improvements! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.

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  28. This software is made by JustinYD88 ( You may distribute this software, provided this notice is included. If the software has been edited in any way, please provide appropriate notice.

    This program simulates gravitational interactions with m1*m2/d^2 and F=ma. The demo is included in the program, but you can make your own gravitational configurations by editing the [H] matrix and loading it with the 'LOAD [H]' option.

    Matrices are used to represent the objects. Each row represents an object (up to 99, the matrix limit) and each column represents a property of that object.

    Column 1: The mass of the object (negative masses work too)

    Column 2: The current X-position of the object
    Column 3: The current Y-position of the object

    Column 4: The current X-velocity of the object
    Column 5: The current Y-velocity of the object

    Column 6: The previous X-position of the object (used for drawing lines, internal use)
    Column 7: The previous Y-position of the object (used for drawing lines, internal use)

    Column 8: If circle drawing is enabled, this is the radius of the circle. (If you leave 0, the radius will be (3*mass/4pi)^1/3).
    Column 9: This is the colour used to render this object's circles and lines.

    This program uses the [G] matrix for internal data manipulation, and the [H] matrix for importing configurations.

    Included in the ZIP is the program file, one custom configuration, and two screenshots.

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  29. V5. Sorry, I didn't upload versions 2,3 and 4 because they were really unstable and barely worked.

    Input a polynomial expression in reverse polish notation (described in readme) such as *+*:(x^2+4)(x^3+x+5)(x+4).
    Output: Simplified polynomial!

    Speed results: 15 sec for (x+1)^6, 12 sec for (x+1)+(x+1)... (3 more times).

    Operators: *,-,+

    New: uses only 3 Lists.
    Amazing Error Checking. In fact, if you can crash this, I will credit you in the Credits (If you want, if you don't want me to I'll remember you in my heart)

    Welp, We're up to 4.7 KBytes. Wut?

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  30. Whether you are a beginner or a master mental calculator, Mental Math is a great program for learning how to compute problems in your head much faster than doing them on paper. Have fun! Version 2.0.1 CE

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  31. This Pi Day 2013 tribute program for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition teaches trigonometry while you eat pie. You choose the amount of pie to eat, first an amount, then whether that's times pi or not, and finally if the angle is degrees or radians. Along the way, the program will show you the sine, cosine, and tangent, of the angle of pie you have eaten so far. A fun way to visualize angles and trigonometry.

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  32. Original game created by students of Bud Valenti. This classic basic game is the first of a series of basic games translated to TI-Basic. The object of the game is to find 4 Mugwumps hiding on a 10x10 grid. After each guess, the program will tell you the distance from each Mugwump.

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  33. Triss is a simple screen saver that draws a triangle and bounces it around the screen.
    You can control the background color, triangle color, the trail length, the line thickness, and how much the triangle moves each step.
    Press 2nd to enter the settings menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to change the values.
    Press any other key to exit.

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  34. This program will allow you to find the centroid of any 2D shape by dividing the shape into sub-shapes. Finding the Area and individual centroid dimensions of each of these sub shapes will allow you to find the overall centroid. Just input the amount of shapes, and then the Area and centroid x&y's for each shape, and then the program will calculate the overall centroid using a series of List processes and specialized loops.

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  35. This will NOT work for TI 84-Plus CSE, as the menu bug (seen in the screenshots) will make it very hard to use

    This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the functions. It allows you to Set the Time and Date, view a real-time clock, use the built in timer, and preform many complex calculations, including:
    -finding the Day of the Week
    -converting a large amount of seconds to Days, Hour, Minutes, and Seconds
    -finding the amount of days between two dates
    -and much more!

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  36. This is an update to the original Algebra Program. This update includes a redesigned system of equations page, a disclaimer, and most importantly, passcode protection.
    The passcode was designed to look like an iPhone lock. The passcode can be changed, turned off, or not used at all. This program can solve most Algebra problems. There is a formulas page to help you if there isn't a solver for a certain problem. This will be the best math problem solver you will ever have on your calculator. This program was written specifically for the TI-84 Plus CE. If there are issues, please contact me with the email listed in the "About" page. Enjoy!

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  37. This is a simple, cookie clicker-style game with a twist. Purchase upgrades, collect energy and button mash to increase your earnings! I would love feedback/suggestions so feel free to give it a review.

    -Added a title screen, a custom menu and a custom shop.

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    Enjoy the timeless fun of the renowned Spirograph toy right within your calculator! Handles three colors and graphs at once to replicate the original Spirograph. Uses intelligent Tstep design (Idea by Jacobly) to keep graphs from repeating. Save your Spirographs in Pickers! Retains previous graph info using a GDB.

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  39. This is a black and white version of my color timer that requires Doors CSE, but this one does not. The color one is found at It is almost exactly the same. However, this one will work on both the TI-84+CSE and the TI-84+CE. Enjoy!

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  40. **This will NOT work on the CSE or any monochrome calcs**
    **This requires CE OS 5.2+ to run, due to use of the toString( command**
    This is a program for multiplying, dividing, finding the roots of and the powers of complex numbers via De Moivre's theorem. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, PM me at or post a review on

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  41. A very useful program that will let you graph equations in terms of X=, instead of the TI-OS Y= graph.
    This program is easy to use and will allow you to change most of the graph settings and window settings
    within the program itself. The program can graph up to 6 equations at a fairly quick speed (the more
    equations the longer it will take)! This program will even let you trace the graphs.

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  42. A Yu-Gi-Oh life counter that I made. WARNING: Requires the latest C libs to be installed. HAS NOT BEEN TESTED YET. Can count up to 8 people.

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  43. In messenger RNA, a set of three bases called a codon code for one amino acid. With 64 combinations of bases and 20 different amino acids, memorizing what codes for what is impossible and why use a weird, hard-to-read paper chart when you could use your calc! Just use the arrow keys to change the bases and the amino acid abbreviation will appear magically before your eyes! This might work for the Ti 84 Plus but I have not tested it yet.

    (Disclaimer: requires a small amount of understating of how codons work.)


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  44. *Various Math Programs for Quick and Easy Use*
    Current Version: 2.6.1
    Simple+Math 84 provides a slew of programs to help make algebra, trigonometry, and calculus problems a little bit easier. Fast and simple to use, Simple+Math 84 will be a great help for your math problems!
    *2.6.1 Update*
    -Basic Calculus has Arrived!
    -'Riemann Sums' program for Left, Right, Midpoint, and Trapezoid sums!
    -Minor Bug Fixes
    *See change log for all new changes*

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  45. A super fun game, with awesome TI-BASIC graphics, including a rendition of Google Docs and Sublime Text! Can you finish your essay while being distracted by the shiny Sublime Text editor and upgrades screen? Uses no picture variables, only a single program. Includes a highscores table. GIF captured by jcgter777.

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  46. CURRENT VERSION (v1.0.2): Added changelog and edited readme and this description (you can now find the controls)

    The CE Casino (read me pls)
    The CE Casino was originally made as a screensaver for CC26, but I thought, this was my best code yet. So here we are, me writing this readme to send to Cemetech.
    The CE Casino (from now on referred to as CEC) minimizes user input and increases power efficiency. After all, isn’t that the purpose of a screensaver? CEC does this by only
    using wait commands and running in TI-Basic.

    What CEC is about
    CEC is about a certain man going into a casino to gamble and make more money, as he is a puny millionaire compared to the billionaires and trillionaires of the world.
    When the man either goes in debt $2.5 million dollars or gains $5 million, different story lines commence.
    5 Million Storyline: 1: Gamble; 2: Criminal Empire; 3: Invest;
    1: Lose money; 2: Get Caught/Die; 3: Lead a long, peaceful life.
    1: Merge storylines

    -2.5 Million Storyline: 1: Homeless
    1: Die in rocket crash 1: Riches to rags to riches.

    Events that can happen while gambling
    Jackpot - 10%: +550,000
    Grandpa TImmy’s Illness - 10%: -350,000
    I. A. N. Effect - 1/110: Instant death
    Grandpa’s Extreme Illness (getting Jackpot and Grandpa TImmy’s illness) - 1%: -500,000

    [on]: To “break the program”
    * I might add [clear] to exit the program. *

    Grandpa TI-mmy. TI. Get it? Bad pun…
    The reason why the story’s not set in Texas is because casinos are outlawed there.

    What’s next?
    Well, I have an idea to build a collection of games based on The CE Casino. I’m also expecting to have time to expand the CEC or just take the source code and make an interactive version.

    TIny Hacker - Spriter Program (for icon).
    Everyone who built screensavers with probabilities (basically everyone).
    Calculatordream for the extra support.
    Everyone else who supported me.

    Eel(on) Musket
    Warren Buffet(t)
    The Engineer

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  47. Math Finder is a program for the TI 84 Plus CE that can find the volumes and surface areas of geometric shapes. For more info please visit:

    This program is still in beta, so you may experience errors and mishaps. Math Finder is compatible with Cesium and other shells.

    Math Finder v0.75
    Contains bug fixes and new features.

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  48. This program states the restrictions of a variable in an equation so that the denominator does not equal 0. 325 bytes.

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