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These files are for the TI-84 Plus CE, 83 Premium CE, and other "CE" calculators with color screens. BASIC programs are compatible with the TI-84 Plus CSE and some BASIC programs written for monochrome 83+/84+ calculators will also work correctly. Assembly and C programs must be written for the CE calculators specifically; running them on calculators with an OS newer than 5.5 requires jailbreaking the calculator.


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  1. This program creates a rotation around a point. Nuff said.

    Written in TI-BASIC
    Public Domain | No Warranty | No cheating

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  2. This program states the restrictions of a variable in an equation so that the denominator does not equal 0. 325 bytes.

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  3. Hangman CE is a TI-Basic program that I created from the ground up. It's PvP, so it requires one person to input a string for the other to guess. I've enjoyed using this program myself and hope you do as well.

    I would appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer about the code itself. I'm always looking to improve so I can share even better programs in the future.

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  4. A big update from 1.0b, RoccoLox Programs' Pixel Art Creator (2.2b) now lets you create a 8x8, 12x12,16x16,
    20x20, or a 24x24 picture using the TI-OS color values. This program does NOT require Doors CSE to run.
    This program allows you to create a new pixel art creation or load an old one. The program is designed to
    save up to 10 pixel art pictures. To create a new picture the program will ask you what number to save it
    under and the size of the picture. When loading a previously saved picture, just select the number of the
    picture you saved. If you create a new picture with the same number as a previously saved picture, the program
    will overwrite the older picture.

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  5. ==TINYMAZE for the TI-84 Plus CE==
    Tinymaze is a maze generator that uses recursive backtracking. It can fill the entire graphscreen with a maze of 1-pixel wide paths.
    To save memory, the program uses the zplst utility (included) to manipulate individual digits in the list of positions. It is impossible for the program to exceed the maximum list length.
    The program also reads from the screen using pxl-Test, to save additional memory.

    JustinYD88 at Cemetech

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  6. This a program that tells you the exact value of any key on the calculator. If you are typing a program, and need to find the value of a key to use the getkey command with, this program is for you! This program does not need any shell or library. UPDATE: This program originally needed subprograms to run, which were unneeded. They are no longer needed.

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  7. Behold the Text Dungeon, a maze-like oubliette with roguelike elements full of adventure! Within contains a variety of items, weapons, armors, and more. Explore its 8+ zones, each with unique enemies and bosses, plus two different endings! Be sure to read the "README" file for handy information on the game. Can you make it through the Text Dungeon alive?

    Removed border for optimization

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  8. This appears to be the very first Base 16-Base 10 converter program written in TI-Basic, at least for the TI-84 Plus CE. Simply input a hex value (or base 10 value), and it converts to the opposite-base result. This program has been tested and is able to be sent to a TI-84 Plus, albeit with graphical glitches. Optimized for a TI-84 Plus CE & works for the Silver Edition variant.

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  9. Converts either a DNA or RNA sequence to the other while also outputting the corresponding amino acid sequence. Supports sequences of up to 66 bases. Use [f5] to toggle between editing DNA and RNA. Open the README for more information. Feel free to PM me for any questions or bug reports.

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  10. you can dial one number, wait on hold, and see what happens next!

    -------V 1.2.1-------
    added compatibility for older calculators
    fixed some bugs
    Added custom number

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  11. Adventure Clicker is a game in which you kill creatures to progress. Your goal is to get at least 100 of every creature's drop.

    This game features:
    - A feature list.
    - Ten different areas and creatures.
    - An interactive yet linear ending.
    - Stats saving.
    - A custom Cesium icon.
    - Exactly 5000 bytes!

    This game depends on:
    - "INDTOSTR", which is included in the downloadable zip. "INDTOSTR" just allows me to convert a list of numbers to a string.

    - Send "INDTOSTR" and "ADVCLCKR" to your calculator, and run ADVCLICKR.

    - Game and dependencies by slimeenergy

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  12. Need to time your cube solves on the go? Left your speedstacks timer and phone at home? Wanna time your solves during math class? Love potatoes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Cubetimer is right for you! Cubetimer is one of the first of its kind; a timer for the calculator that doesnt use timing features. Cubetimer is smooth and looks (kinda but not really) like a real speedstacks timer! Cubetimer can also be used for running, speedeating, speedmathing, and cupstacking.
    Features include:
    Smooth timer accurate to 1/10th of a second!
    Average of 5 calculator!
    Loading bar!
    Space to save up to 5 solves!
    Doors CS8 Compatability!
    Features to come:
    Scramble Generator!
    Average of 12!
    Best and worst solves for each average!
    And more!

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  13. The ultimate drag racing game just got more intense. Powered by the one of the most advanced racing engines ever seen in a pure TI-BASIC game, CSRacing II allows you buy, paint, tune, and race 13 different cars on 2 detailed tracks in 7 different event types. Compete with your friends for the best times in Time Trials, Conquer the 6 championships of Special Events, or just test your car's top speed in Machine Test. You can also race in returning events like Regulation, Ladder, Custom Spec and the challenging Car Specific races. How you race is for you to decide. V2.0 adds custom, car support, buffs the perfect start launch speed multiplier from .05 to .12, along with a multitude of other fixes.

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  14. Swordfighter is a simple (but challenging) game where you fight an enemy with a sword. Skillfully dodge and parry attacks, then outsmart your foe and attack back. There are three difficulties to choose from, plus an endless arcade mode to test your might. Be sure to read the "readme" file for information, such as controls and other help.

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  15. This is a simple game where you are between
    two walls and tiles fall down from the sky.
    Move around to don`t let the tiles hit you!

    Though the gameplay looks very simple it can
    be very challenging!

    Three difficulty modes and different stats included!

    by DAVID-19
    in TI-Basic
    for TI84+ CE

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  16. This Program will allow you to keep track of your schools Bell Schedule, both in the program, and storing it in a PicVar to be viewed quickly.
    To personalize this program to youe specific times, just edit the values in the BASIC program.

    Have fun using this!

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  17. A math program that gives the properties of the platonic solids. It can calculate the inradius, midradius, circumradius, surface area and volume of a platonic solid by a given side.

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  18. This program is a simple drawing program where you can change the tool and color easily. It is not very complicated and has a very simple saving saving future. More info in the readme.
    Note: There are some parts in the screenshot that don't appear. They are fully working in the real version.

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  19. The ultimate TI-BASIC drag racing game, now in color! Collect, Race and Upgrade 30 different cars, or create your own car from the ground up and share it with the world.
    Compete in 5 different event types- Climb the rankings in officially sanctioned Ladder races, assert your racing prowess over CSR's best racers in the challenging Crew Battle mode,
    demonstrate true mastery of your car in Car Specific races, just make some quick cash in Regulation races, or, once you've completed all the other modes, experience the freedom of Custom Spec races.
    The game's shell compatible, too. Can you conquer the drag strip?
    V1.1.2 fixes an issue with page 2 of the change car menu.

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  20. This program takes a user-input rule (from 0 - 255) and then draws that rule on the screen using a binary drawning method. It uses the three cells above the current cell to determine if it will be a 1 or 0.

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  21. this is a program that draws a planet of random size and type (molten, gas-giant, and earth type), and generates a name. saved planets can be viewed by recalling pic1 from the draw menu. the background must be set to black manually when viewing the saved image. more features and planets on the way.

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  22. My very first program. View all the necessary details in the included README.txt.
    ZIP includes file, README, and several screenshots.

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  23. This program will scramble a sentence of words, jumbling the letters of each word, but leaving the first and last letter the same. This was inspired by a study done by cambridge university (read about it here: Use this program to see how the human brain can read words without spelling it right, as long as the first and last letters are the same. Use it for personal discoverey, and show your friends!

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  24. A new and improved version of your favorite file manager has been created, better than ever before. Full of new features and capabilities, xFiles CE will make your experience better with a fancy GUI, all possible by the amazing work of RoccoLox Programs' work of Celtic CE. Version 1.02 is included in this version, with bug fixes and other tweaks. This version contains the SPD update and Celtic CE 1.2 Beta commands!

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  25. This is a timer for the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE, written entirely in BASIC. It uses the TI-84+ CE and CSE's color graph screen to display the bulk of the program. Added Screenshots. Updated Subprograms so that they don't graph anything when the program is running, and checked CSE compatibility.

    Comments or suggestions? Post them below!

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  26. This useful tool will convert your text into Morse code! Not only that, but it will flash your Morse code back to you using the screen brightness! You can also save and load strings of Morse code for the calculator to flash back. This program also has other features such as setting your brightness back to its original state when you quit! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.

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  27. This amazing program, written in pure BASIC, lets you use your calculator to preform math in bases 2 through 36!
    All further information is outlined in the README. Source code now included! (no clue why it wasn't before)

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  28. TI-Craft CE is a simple 2-dimensional Minecraft clone for the color TI-84 Plus models (C Silver Edition and CE). Due to the limitations of TI-Basic, it is based on Minecraft Classic (creative mode only, no flying, limited world size).

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  29. CHELSEA (Chatbot Harnessing ELIZA's Logic to Simulate Emotional Analysis) is a chatbot made entirely in TI-BASIC designed to mimic the behavior of a psychologist. Talk to it about your problems, and perhaps she might help. This uses techniques from 1966 that can pass the Turing test!

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  30. Screensavers for TI-84+CE. TEXTLIB by DrDnar included.

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  31. This program was originally made by tifreak8x, I only created and implemented the load code. Doors is NOT required to run this program.
    This program is a utility for programmers to create cool icons to go with their programs. It will show up in Cesium, Doors CS 8, and the upcoming Doors CS 9. Abilities: Use all 15 colors provided by the OS, preview your icon, reload to edit your icon, and more! Read the ReadMe for more information.

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  32. With the new color screen calculators come a rechargeable battery. With this, you now have to charge it or your batteries will die when you are in the middle of playing 2048 :( . TI recommends that you recharge the batteries at least once a month. This convenient utility will store the date last charged and the date one month later into two custom lists and will display the information in a convenient format (see screenshot). This utility is a must-have if you do not want your calculator to die in the middle of something. Works on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the TI-84 Plus CE. Has a Doors icon, but Doors IS NOT REQUIRED to run this.

    Fix: restores default lists on program exit

    Fixed month incrementing bug, see readme.

    By: SM84CE
    Comments or questions?? Post them in the feedback section below.

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  33. The Omega Trail is a text-based adventure game in which you are on a journey to find the Omega. It is inspired by The Oregon Trail and written in TI-BASIC. !If anyone can manage to make win the difficulty O-Mega Hardcore with video proof (because the stats page can easily be cheated) I'll add an Easter-egg about them in the game!

    This game features:
    - Local Multiplayer
    - Singleplayer
    - Dysentery
    - Breath-taking sights to mark your progress.
    - A custom Cesium icon.
    - A few more unmentioned things included in the game so you may discover them yourself.

    - Send "THEOMGTR" to your calculator, and run it.

    - Game by slimeenergy
    - Inspired by the game "The Oregon Trail"

    Changelog (Unreleased versions not included and merge into the latest version closest to them. That's why there's a jump from 1.0 to 2.1):
    - Version 2.1:
    -- Balanced gameplay
    -- Long-term stats (this includes keeping track of wins)
    -- Better sense of progress
    -- Suicide
    -- You can now find programs when you have less than four wheels, they're just less common
    -- Difficulties changed. Changed easy to 10, and kind-of easy to 15.
    -- O-Mega hard is still pretty impossible. If anyone can manage to make it with video proof (stats page can easily be cheated) i'll add an easter egg about them in the game.
    - Version 1.0:
    -- Uploaded

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  34. Play the classic game snake! Grow and eat food in the game Snake, a fun archaic game. All within the lovely bounds of TI-Basic (for maximum homey feels) Have fun!

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  35. This program will create a pink (technically Magenta) Heart image using graphs and shading. Use this program to expand your love life, or just look at the code to learn how to make a heart using graphs.

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  36. CBLLight is a powerful and versatile program for using the TI Light Sensor with the CBL, CBL 2, and the Vernier LabPro.

    This is a functioning beta version. Please see the readme for more information.

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  37. This nifty program will alow you to send and receive messages from other calculators if they are connected with USB cord, perfect if you want to
    send messages in class without talking or using a phone!

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  38. Menus OS is a complex BASIC shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It includes many features, including around 20 games and many more programs. v4.4.4

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  39. The Ultimate Temperature Converter! This is a very simple, easy program to use. This program
    that has you select which temperature unit you wish to convert from and then the program will
    give you that temperature in seven other different units.

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  40. Update 3.42! Tank Duel is a 2-player turn-based game where each player takes turns
    shooting at the other player's tank. Includes random terrain generation, terrain options,
    terrain destruction, three types of bullets, different tank colors, health and movement
    options, and realistic physics. A more streamlined menu is now included.

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  41. Use this easy to use, small, and fast program to quickly view and graph trigonometric graphs!

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  42. The Calendar and Task Sorter is a program that allows you to see a calendar for any month and year that is entered into the calculator. Program will always default to the current month and year the calculator is set for. Tasks can be entered into the calculator and reminders can be set to remind you the day the task is set for. Task reminders will appear when the program is run. A manual and date calculator is included in the program. This program is written only in basic.

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  43. It's a memory game that tests your memorization skills. This is one for the TI-84 Plus CE, and it's written in only TI-Basic! The object is to make it as far as you can without making any mistakes, by reproducing a sequence of flashing numbers via the number keys on your Calculator. Are you up for the challenge? You can even customize the difficulty of your run and learn the mechanics of the game via a built-in tutorial! Newest addition: The game keeps track of the highest round you made it to and you get a rank based on it. How high will you rank in this challenging memory game?

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  44. Ever wanted to make a really cool looking sprite, but the only way to do it is by hard-coding it? This program will allow you to easily make that sprite and even allow you to test it so you will know exactly how your sprite will look in-program!

    AAIONIA current features:
    -Make more complex sprites quickly and easily
    -Make fine or thick sprites
    -Easily get a friendly window
    -Save your project and finish it later
    -Load a background sprite for reference
    -AutoSave, so your hard work is never lost!
    -Adjust speed of cursor
    -Test sprite:
    --Rotate sprite any number of degrees
    --Reflect sprite across an axis
    --Translate it across the entire screen
    --Stretch it or compress it
    --Revert to original sprite

    Note: If you have any questions, please don't put them in a review since it is very difficult for me to get back to you that way. Instead PM me and I'll be able to answer your question much quicker.

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  45. With this program written in TI-BASIC you can calculate the day of week for any given date!

    When you try to calculate on what day of the week a date was using the DayofWk( command, you might have noticed that the answer wasn't correct.
    I don't expect you'll have seen that though, but I've tested it with several dates and I can tell you it isn't correct.
    If you want to know more about this, you can read the 'readme' file.

    I've in this program made a settings part, in which you can set everything for your country.

    I really want to thank one of my classmates, who can calculate a day even out of his head, also for the Julian calendar.

    current version: 1.2.2

    -I really recommend checking the 'lite' version of this program if you want a smaller one:
    -There are some important notes for some country's noted in the 'readme' file!

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  46. Have you ever wanted a program give you the difference between a magnitude 1 earthquake and magnitude 10? Have science homework that requires difference from magnitude 1 to Infinite? Well this is the program for YOU! For know you need to put lowest number first and highest number second.

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