AGame Launcher - CESIUM with DRM
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This program is a modified version of Cesium, called AGAME that does not let the user transfer games to other calculators. It also provides a passcode feature to Cesium. Please note that someone with strong calculator knowledge may be able to get around these features, so CesiumDRM is reccomended for teachers to use on students. Most students will not know how to circumvent the restrictions.
CESIUM is a slim shell and launcher program that has support for running programs regardless of archive status, an organized and colorful GUI, and, most importantly, includes support for relocatable C and ASM libraries for use in other programs. Hide programs, lock BASIC programs from editing, and more with Cesium. Enjoy!

Archive Contents

Name Size
A.8xp 497 bytes
AGPASSCODE.8xp 559 bytes
AGSETUP.8xp 354 bytes
CESIUM.8xp 9.9 KB
LICENSE.txt 1.5 KB
README.txt 1.9 KB
Source/AGSetup.asm 1011 bytes
Source/Cesium.asm 3.1 KB
Source/data/ImageData.asm 17.2 KB
Source/data/textData.asm 1.1 KB
Source/data/textDataFrench.asm 1.1 KB
Source/routines/common.asm 2.4 KB
Source/routines/delete.asm 541 bytes
Source/routines/drawprgmnames.asm 8.5 KB
Source/routines/exit.asm 789 bytes
Source/routines/find.asm 2.5 KB
Source/routines/installer.asm 3.3 KB
Source/routines/LCD.asm 6.8 KB
Source/routines/loader.asm 1.7 KB
Source/routines/main.asm 4.3 KB
Source/routines/parserhooks.asm 342 bytes
Source/routines/pgrmoptions.asm 3.3 KB
Source/routines/reloader.asm 1.7 KB
Source/routines/search.asm 976 bytes
Source/routines/settings.asm 3.1 KB
Source/routines/sort.asm 4.2 KB
Source/routines/text.asm 15.7 KB
Source/routines/usefulroutines.asm 1.3 KB
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6 years, 7 months ago


8.3/10 (3 votes)


Is there a way I can hide the Cesium program itself from the "PRGM" page? If I try to hide the Cesium program, the settings pop up.


  1. AGame Launcher - CESIUM with DRM (published 6 years, 7 months ago; 2017-11-10 22:35 UTC)