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This is a classic memory made using PT_’s awesome ICE programming language.
2 versions of the program are included. They are identical except for the sprites that are included within the program. One has the default sprite pack and the other has sprites that are the github identicons of various cemetech members (see
Use the arrow keys to move the cursor around and use either [2nd] or [enter] to select a card and flip it over. Next, you can either press [2nd] or [enter] on the same card to deselect it, or move the cursor to another card and select that as well. Selecting 2 matching cards erases them from the board, and erasing all the pairs means that you win! Pressing [clear] at any time quits the game.


Screenshot #6163 Screenshot #6164

Archive Contents

Name Size
Memory CE/MEMORY (identicon sprites).8xp 3.4 KB
Memory CE/Screenshot2 (default).gif 102.8 KB
Memory CE/Screenshot1 (identicons).gif 94.5 KB
Memory CE/ReadMe.txt 776 bytes
Memory CE/MEMORY (default sprites).8xp 3.4 KB
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite3.png 93 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite4.png 92 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite1.png 90 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite7.png 85 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite2.png 92 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite11.png 91 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite16.png 94 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite10.png 92 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite8.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite6.png 91 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite15.png 89 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite12.png 90 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/Default 3.3 KB
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite5.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite9.png 89 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite17.png 92 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite18.png 90 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite13.png 88 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Default Pack/sprite14.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/battlesquid_small.png 93 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/DJOmnimaga_small.png 88 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/unicorn808_small.png 90 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/spenceboy98_small.png 91 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/adriweb_small.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/TildaCubed_small.png 91 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/MattWaltz_small.png 88 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/Ivoah_small.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/PeterTillema_small.png 93 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/tari_small.png 90 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/TheGeekyScientist_small.png 92 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/cvsoft_small.png 87 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/kotu_small.png 88 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/JWinslow23_small.png 93 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/oldmud0_small.png 91 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/wistaro_small.png 86 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/123Outerme_small.png 85 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/c4ooo_small.png 85 bytes
Memory CE/Sprites/Identicons/Pieman7373_small.png 91 bytes
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