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Grayscale Minesweeper 1 is a clone of the original minesweeper on the computer. It has almost flawless grayscale, a digital timer, a record keeper, and a cursor. It even has the smily face from the original! It can be run nostub or from an ion compatible shell, such as MirageOS or DoorsCS.


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10 years, 6 months ago


9/10 (2 votes)


Graphics - 4/5
Very faithful to the original game, from the tiles to the smiley. Pretty basic, but it's pretty rare for me to give a game with more than black and white lower than a 4.

Gameplay - 9/10
One of the few calculator games, especially for the 83's and 84's, that's fun enough to make me want to sit down and play it at home. The controls are nice and intuitive, and the mechanics are fun and not too frustrating

Miscellaneous - 5/5
I love how the scoring system is based on speed. It gives you a balance of laid-back puzzles and on-the-spot thinking. I also love the fact that there's a leaderboard. It can convince people to play with their friends.

Conclusion - 9/10 (18/20)
This game is one of the best Minesweeper games for the TI-83 Plus. It's basically a port of Windows' Minesweeper games, and it feels like it too. All in all, this game is one of the greatest TI games I've played.

Good game. Looks like if I were colorblind playing minesweeper on a PC. Good framerate like in Readme (I am unsure what it is, but it's smooth). The controls are a bit weird (y= for restart, del for quit...) but it's fine and close together so I guess it's good. Thanks for letting me play Minesweeper on my calc. Maybe next version can have bigger maps/more mines like on Windows.


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