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PyroEdit III is finally ready for release!!!!
Remember to post any bugs, quirks, or things that can be changed, your on modules or better versions of the ones I have made, etc!

Have fun!

Oh, yes, I guess I still do have to leave a description, heh.

"PyroEdit," quoting from the User Guide 'cause I'm so lazy (:P), "is still a graphics editor that 'utilizes Patrick Prendergast's xLIB application to let you edit pictures and sprite sheets on your calculator' and 'will help you get through the spriting process much faster.'"


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Archive Contents

Name Size
PyroEdit Standard/APYROEDT.8xp 1.2 KB
PyroEdit Standard/GUIMNU.8xp 665 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/PRGM2STR.8xp 172 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/PROGLIST.8xp 250 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_CLN.8xp 316 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE0DSP.8xp 109 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PELINE.8xp 232 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PEMSPD.8xp 186 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PEOPIC.8xp 163 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PEPEN.8xp 312 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PEPIXL.8xp 146 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PETEXT.8xp 287 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PEXCOD.8xp 255 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_CLN.8xp 197 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_CPC.8xp 280 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_CSH.8xp 147 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_MS1.8xp 347 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_MS2.8xp 347 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_MS3.8xp 369 bytes
PyroEdit Standard/_theta__theta_PE_theta_SAV.8xp 186 bytes
Developing Modules.doc 121.0 KB
PyroEdit Standard.tig 8.5 KB
PyroEdit User Guide.doc 99.0 KB 11.8 KB
Examples/Pic2.8xi 832 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Circle/Circle.doc 74.0 KB
PyroEdit Extras/Circle/GUITNUM.8xp 234 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Circle/_theta__theta_PECIRC.8xp 596 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Confirm Subroutine/Confirm Subroutine.txt 450 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Confirm Subroutine/_theta__theta_PE_theta_CNF.8xp 120 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Copy/Copy.txt 465 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Copy/_theta__theta_PECOPY.8xp 334 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Copy Pic/Copy Pic.txt 261 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Copy Pic/_theta__theta_PECPIC.8xp 179 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/DCS Icon Editor/DCS Icon Edior.txt 214 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/DCS Icon Editor/_theta__theta_PEDCSI.8xp 650 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Fill/Fill Routine.txt 383 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Fill/_theta__theta_PEFILL.8xp 315 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Flip/Flip.txt 287 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Flip/_theta__theta_PEFLIP.8xp 390 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Install All Modules (Except PyroMap).tig 4.6 KB
PyroEdit Extras/Install PyroMap.tig 5.4 KB
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/ERRH.8xp 231 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/GUITNUM.8xp 234 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/PyroEdit.txt 2.2 KB
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PEMMAP.8xp 922 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PEMRND.8xp 293 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PEMRPL.8xp 297 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PEMSPD.8xp 186 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PEMWAL.8xp 258 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PM_theta_BRS.8xp 379 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PM_theta_CFG.8xp 419 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PM_theta_INT.8xp 348 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PM_theta_SPR.8xp 364 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/PyroMap/_theta__theta_PM_theta_UDS.8xp 109 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Random Art Generator/Random Art Generator.txt 306 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Random Art Generator/_theta__theta_PERART.8xp 340 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Random Pixel Scatter/Random Pixel Scatter.txt 564 bytes
PyroEdit Extras/Random Pixel Scatter/_theta__theta_PERAND.8xp 264 bytes
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