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Reversi, the classic tile-flipping game. Only 1397 bytes, this game offers both
a basic computer and a two player game mode!
The object of the game is to have more of your pieces on the board than the
other player. The game starts off with two of your and two of the other player's
pieces in the middle of the board. Each player then takes turns placing their
pieces. You have to place your tile next to one (or more) of their tiles. All of
the pieces that are in between your placement and another of your tiles get
"flipped," or turned into yours. Once the board is filled, the game ends and
whoever had the most pieces wins. Sometimes, there might not be an eligible
move that you can make. In that case, you must pass your turn. The cursor is
colored the same as whoever's turn it is.


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4 years, 2 months ago


10/10 (1 vote)


This is a solid way to play Reversi on the CE. Play against a friend, or play against the CPU.

The graphics are excellent, the game is nice and small- Not much you could do to improve this. Maybe a little scenery placed around the board and a count of how many white and how many black pieces on the board at the current moment?

9.9/10 - Rdy Plyr 1


  1. Reversi (published 4 years, 2 months ago; 2020-04-08 23:26 UTC)