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VYSION CE is the ultimate shell for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE, aiming to be the best and most feature-rich shell for these calculators. Containing a variety of features never seen before on these models, such as a Windows-like GUI, a working cursor, a fully functional filesystem with folders, a password lock, the ability to easily access programs by pinning them to the taskbar or desktop, and the ability to fully customize the shell's appearance with colors and custom wallpapers, VYSION brings your desktop computer experience to the palm of your hand.


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Archive Contents

Name Size
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/ASTON.8xv 4.2 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/BMW.8xv 1.8 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/BMW2.8xv 6.2 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/DARKSPCE.8xv 7.7 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/DEFAULT.8xv 2.1 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/DEFAULT2.8xv 1.6 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/DEFAULT3.8xv 4.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/DEFAULT4.8xv 5.0 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/EVO.8xv 4.6 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/FLAME.8xv 9.5 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/PORSCHE.8xv 6.7 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/PORSCHE2.8xv 5.0 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/PORSCHE3.8xv 3.1 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/UBUNTU.8xv 540 bytes
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/UBUNTU2.8xv 1.6 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/WINDOWS.8xv 886 bytes
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/converted-wallpapers/WINDOWS2.8xv 2.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/aston.png 15.9 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/bmw.png 8.9 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/bmw2.png 18.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/convimg.yaml 4.3 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/darkspace.png 19.8 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/default.png 10.1 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/default2.png 3.7 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/default3.png 14.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/default4.png 19.0 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/evo.png 16.0 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/flame.png 32.8 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/porsche.png 42.9 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/porsche2.png 22.2 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/porsche3.png 4.7 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/ubuntu.png 3.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/ubuntu2.png 7.5 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/windows.png 11.4 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/input/windows2.png 9.6 KB
VYSIONCE/Wallpaper/README.txt 1.1 KB
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3 years, 3 months ago


9.7/10 (15 votes)


I've been trying to install this file and I keep on getting ram resets. Is there any way to open this program without a crash? I've tried artifice and ASMHOOK. I really need some help. Vysion looks amazing so congrats on such a nice shell!

I have an OS 5.7 calculator (yes, I was stupid enough to upgrade to 5.7) and I use arTifiCE. I also use asmhook, which I recommend to arTIfiCE users, but that's beside the point. Whenever I use arTIfiCE and run a program, everything is fine until I leave the program, and then the screen with random colors appears (I'm sure you're familiar with this screen) and then I get a RAM clear. I think this is an amazing shell, but for now, I'm just using asmhook because of this bug. Please fix it soon ;)

this is epic !!! +1

This shell is really cool, and it looks so much like windows that people think that I have a different calculator than the TI 84 Plus CE!

Its pretty awesome, looks freaking lit! If this gets more updates, it could be competing with shells like Cesium! I love it!


  1. VYSION CE (published 3 years, 3 months ago; 2020-12-31 19:23 UTC)