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Heller peeps of the future! I'm past King Dub Dub, and this is my CC25 entry!

I've included the premade FOODFITE.8xp file and the source so you can enjoy playing the game and laughing at my pathetic coding skills. This is an identical copy of what I originally sent, but I've added some gameplay footage as a preview and a link to the Github repo:

The original Cemetech post:

Food Fighter is pretty simple: help Jerry go to work and kill extremely peeved sandwich men who poof out of the ether on their spawning platforms. Use the arrow keys to move, [2nd] to fire your trusty flamethrower, [del] to pause, and [clear] to quit the game quickly and hide the evidence from your teachers. Don't shoot for too long, or get hit by too many sandwiches, or you'll end up extremely dead. There's no one who can help you at all at that point, no mysterious god-like entities here, not at all. Oh, and you boost your score by dropping ingredients from the enemies into the proper slot, I.E. the bread shape goes in the square hole. So in short: kill everything, keep the floor clean, and don't die. Simple! Read the included README for more tips and instructions if you need some.

Note that the footage was taken on emulated hardware without screen-tear, physical calcs (until we fix the C libs) may have a faint diagonal line through the screen during some animations.

You will need the aforementioned CE C libraries in order to run this program:

Playing the DOOM Eternal soundtrack while using the flamethrower is recommended but not required.


Screenshot #7652

Archive Contents

Name Size
Food Fighter/makefile 423 bytes
Food Fighter/ 4.6 KB
Food Fighter/we_be_gaming.png 881.5 KB
Food Fighter/src/food_fighter.c 61.0 KB
Food Fighter/src/sprites_optimized.h 4.0 KB
Food Fighter/src/strings.c 849 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/confirm.bmp 98.5 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/convimg.yaml 4.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/heart.bmp 1.5 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hud.bmp 5.4 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/ingredients.bmp 1.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/ping.bmp 966 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/scorebar.bmp 6.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/slamwhich.bmp 11.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/timer.bmp 2.5 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire0.png 2.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire1.png 2.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire10.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire11.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire2.png 2.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire3.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire4.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire5.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire6.png 2.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire7.png 2.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire8.png 2.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire9.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/fire/fire_concept.bmp 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/build.bat 79 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/hr_tilemap.csv 195 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/hr_tilemap.h 448 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/hr_tilemap.tmx 601 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/hr_tileset.bmp 87.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/hr_tileset.tsx 234 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/hub_room/setup.bmp 225.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry0.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry1.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry10.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry11.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry2.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry3.png 2.6 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry4.png 2.4 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry5.png 2.6 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry6.png 3.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry7.png 3.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry8.png 3.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry9.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry/Jerry_sprite.png 38.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_ded/Jerry_ded0.png 1.0 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_ded/Jerry_ded1.png 918 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_ded/Jerry_ded2.png 999 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_ded/Jerry_ded3.png 926 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing0.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing1.png 3.0 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing10.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing11.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing2.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing3.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing4.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing5.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing6.png 2.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing7.png 2.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing8.png 2.9 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_firing/Jerry_firing9.png 3.8 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized0.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized1.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized10.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized11.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized2.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized3.png 2.7 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized4.png 2.7 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized5.png 2.7 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized6.png 3.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized7.png 3.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized8.png 3.2 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/Jerry_weaponized/Jerry_weaponized9.png 3.3 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/build.bat 79 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/setup.bmp 504.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/sr_tilemap.csv 417 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/sr_tilemap.h 904 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/sr_tilemap.tmx 913 bytes
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/sr_tileset.bmp 111.1 KB
Food Fighter/src/gfx/storeroom_arena/sr_tileset.tsx 231 bytes
Food Fighter/FOODFITE.8xp 21.6 KB
Food Fighter/icon.png 2.5 KB
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King Dub Dub
3 years, 2 months ago


9/10 (1 vote)


really fun and well made, though i was a bit confused when first picking up the food that the enemies drop as i didn't know you had to put them in the compartments at the back of the map. still really fun and underrated.


  1. Food Fighter (published 3 years, 2 months ago; 2021-04-03 18:56 UTC)