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Update: This is a somewhat improved version of the original SYNDIV, with 1840 bytes, down from 1916. I am including it in the file since you are still downloading it, trying to figure out which version is best. Well, here they are, both of them. As you will see, SYNDIV1 is the better one, faster and with fewer bytes, and with the ability to enter the terms in any order.

Making a port from TI-Basic to Casio-basic, was a bad idea. Trying to think in TI’s basic and then put it on a Casio does not make Casio justice, as you can see in the previous versions. So, I’ve made a new program from scratch, on my Casio fx CG50. The number of bytes have dropped from 1916 to 1196, and the program is much faster now. As in previous versions, you can only use x as variable, and only integer coefficients, but you can enter the terms in any order, and there can be more than one of the same degree. The lists however, are still presented one by one vertically, and the only limits for the number of polynomials you can enter, is memory and the degree of the first polynomial.

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