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The absolute newest version of LinuxOS as of May 8th, 2013. This program requires the newest version of the BatLib parser hook (included) to run. Execute program LINUXOS first, and choose Build System. This will compile all of the Linux Progs, and set up a user environment and boot image. Then, run BOOT and select Linux from the dropdown menu. This will call the program LINUX, which will do all the heavy lifting. LINUXOS can now be safely archived. Keep in mind the following facts:
Pic1 is used, and while not necessary, requires good knowledge of BatLib to remove
Don't expect any saved Strings to stay saved. In fact, when Linux boots up, it automatically deletes Str0-9. It also deletes any programs that follow the pattern prgm'x'TEMP in which 'x' is replaced by any one letter or theta. This program, once fully installed, requires about 2500 bytes of RAM free.During installation, try and archive as many things as possible, since the Linux progs are not archived until the very end and about a significant amount of free RAM is required. This is necessary to save space in the program LINUXOS. Once archived though, the programs stay archived, and you as the end-user need not worry about them :)

Be aware, unless another program is set as the startup program, BOOT will attempt to install itself as the startup program. This will not work unless you have the App startup, and you have run startup since your last RAM clear. BOOT runs fine without these preconditions met though.

For a full list of all programs installed, execute:
prgmPROGS will have the names of all the programs installed in LinuxOS. You can use any that have a prefix of a period. This README, in and of itself, is very lacking and does not explain at all how the programs inside actually WORK. Thus, unless you are familiar with Linux in general, you may have some issues understanding how this program works. An actual README will be coming in the next release. Hope you guys find this interesting if not yet useful :)


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BatLib/BatLib.8xk 38.3 KB
BatLib/Examples/MultiComp/MLTICMP.8xp 326 bytes
BatLib/Examples/MultiComp/MLTIDCMP.8xp 224 bytes
BatLib/Examples/MultiComp/Readme.txt 1.9 KB
BatLib/License.txt 1.2 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/Celtic 3.8xk 35.4 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/Grammer.8xk 38.6 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/Omnicalc.8xk 36.0 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/ReadME (Celtic 3).txt 67.7 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/ReadMe.txt 3.6 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/Timings.txt 320 bytes
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/LICENSE.txt 4.5 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/appsmenu.asm 6.7 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/clipboard.asm 9.0 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/compression.asm 3.6 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/cxmain.asm 10.2 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/ 3.8 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/fonthook.asm 1.4 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/getcsc.asm 1.1 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/ 1.7 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/hookman.asm 13.5 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/hooks.asm 1.1 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/keyhook.asm 31.9 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/ 1.8 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/omnicalc.zws 2.6 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/parser.asm 37.2 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/settings.asm 9.0 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/token.asm 2.4 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/updates.txt 2.1 KB
BatLib/ModifiedApps/omnicalcsource/vcalc.asm 7.0 KB
BatLib/Notes.txt 483 bytes
BatLib/Pocket Command List.txt 5.3 KB
BatLib/ReadMe (GroupHook).txt 563 bytes
BatLib/Readme and Commands.pdf 269.3 KB
BatLib/Source/BatLib.asm 182.1 KB
BatLib/Source/ 8.8 KB
BatLib/Tips.txt 722 bytes
BatLib/ZINSTALL/A.8xp 272 bytes
BatLib/ZINSTALL/Readme.txt 4.9 KB
BatLib/ZINSTALL/ZINSTALL.8xp 170 bytes
LinuxOS.gif 1.5 MB
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