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With 10 files, 16aroth6 is at rank 20 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 8139 times, placing 16aroth6 at rank 85 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
Codek v3.0 This is a program to send messages, and technically compress them. *Use dcs or celtic 3 313
Dice This is a game kind of like farkle. You roll 5 dice, you get your score. If you like games based on luck, this game is for you. 361
Space This program was designed for the Cemetech contest #10, and recieved 2nd place. It is to help people's understanding of the planets. Enjoy. 551 10/10
Spyro A spyrograph for the calculator. How much better can it get? 553
Tower Defense A Basic home screen tower defense game. kill the enemy's, survive! Kinda slow (sorry). Updates coming soon 3605 3.5/10
Fireball A game similar to your block breakers. Or Pong. Contest #11 entry. 649
16aroth6's Portal Prelude Level Packs Ever since I have played Portal Prelude by Alex Marcolina, and loved it, I have been creating my own level packs. Each pack has 15 levels, I hope you enjoy them! (Screenshots of the first three levels in my packs now included.) Original game can be obtained here: http://www… 631 10/10
16aroth6's Portal Level Editor Helper I have very much enjoyed Portal Prelude by Alex Marcolina, except for the hassle of unarchiving/archiving levels to keep them safe. This is a simple program that will do that for you, Now go make some amazing level packs! Original game can be obtained here: http://www.tical… 412
White Tile Similar to the game on the app store. Click [on] the tiles to advance. Click more than 35 in 10 seconds, and get 10 more seconds. Try to get as many as you can! 532
[Contest #12]CBCRTR CBCRTR is a program to teach people the basics of electricity. 534


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