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ID v9 - v9.1E Includes: ID v9.0 for TI-8x Plus, ID v9.1 for TI-84 Plus, ID v9.1E for TI-83 Plus | Ever wanted an easy way to let people know how to contact you if you lost your calculator? Well now you can! As well as check the battery level at every startup, set a custom contrast setting at … 347
GetASCII Easily get the value to an ASCII character 221
Reset v1.2.1 Reset your variables in RAM, graph settings, etc but keep programs and flags. Will set the clock if it is (obviously with no doubt) wrong, and tells you how much RAM you have and the battery level. 223
Doors CS Icon Studio Want to make an 8x8 or a 16x16 icon for your Doors CS program? Well now you can easily make your hexadecimal icon strings with the graph screen! Just draw your icon with the pen tool and store to Pic9 and use this program to make your string, and recall Str9 in your program for … 230
System Tools v9.0 for TI-84 Plus and v8.0.1E for TI-83 Plus. This program allows you to: Set the time, Set contrast, Check RAM, Check battery, View specifications, Check the time, Toggle lowercase, rotate the screen, set a pixel offset, toggle APD, and GarbageCollect. Enable more features wi… 427


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