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MasterMind The Classic board game brought to the TI-84 Plus CE. It does not require any special programs to run, the only requirements being: -Color Calculator -Recommended 4000 Bytes RAM -Logical Thinking This is the first build so please message me if you have any comments/bugs! Enj… 2633
Unbreakable High or Low Game This program is directed towards novice programmers looking for alternate input methods and the use of TextLib. What started out as a simple task of making a high or low game quickly turned into a challenge when my teacher said he could "break" any program. So I whipped this up … 1114
Password Generator This Hybrid-Basic program allows you to generate passwords for anything you want! Not only does it generate passwords, it reliably recreates them after typing in the same username + website/thing name. This program REQUIRES TextLib v1.12 by DrDnar Other versions may or may not b… 375
Castle Adventure Port Original Author:Arthur O'Dwyer TiCalc Page: This is a text adventure game in the style of Infocom or "Colossal Cave." Your goal is to enter the castle and make off with the king's treasure. To achieve this goal, you… 2652
Complex Linear Equation Solver This is a BASIC program that takes up to 9 different unknowns and solves for each unknown. The equations can be complex numbers, which allows the user to solve for systems such as those in time varying current circuits. Uses matrices to solve the equations, and may take large am… 343


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