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iCave v6.0 A BASIC version of Cave. Non-sidescrolling (that would be slo.........) and a seemingly long loading screen. BUT!!!!! The actual game runs fast on the TI84 family, and actually is really hard, even on the first level. Believe me, I wrote the game from scratch, and I can't b… 387
Sudoku v1.0 This is probably the most advanced sudoku game out there. It features TOTALLY RANDOM SUDOKUS, and believe when I say, some sudoku games claim to have this, but it is simply the same puzzle with different numbers. It also features a Possibilites option, where you can 'pencil in… 191
Velox Channel 1.0 It stands for "Fast Tunnel" because that's what it's a clone of. Controls are self-explanatory, and it has 2 speeds with highscores. This is my first ASM game, so please comment! 482
xPegz xPegz is my next-gen hybrid basic clone of Pegs. Based on a much faster engine, xPegz runs faster than Pegz but only a tad slower than the its original counterpart. However, it makes up for this with a powerful level editor, which allows you to make external level packs to give … 521
Artistic Artistic is a fully packed, xLIB-powered on-calc graphics program. From tilemapping, to sprite editing, to editing pictures directly, Artistic harnesses the full power of xLIB into a simple interface that any person could use. Features include: ► Pixel-sprite editor f… 423
HomescreenPictures HomescreenPictures, in short, is a unique but simple program that allows you to take and recall pictures of the text on the homescreen. That's about it. Just note that the size of the program increases with the number of pictures you want. The current limit is 20, but I'll up… 156


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