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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Adropod v.1.3 Adropod is my favorite BASIC shooter. You shoot rows of advancing enemies. I know it is similar to some game out there, but nevertheless it is totally original. This version is actively being updated, and will work on the TI-83+. 314
MineCrft 0.2 Beta This is a imitation of Minecraft 2D. I have never played Minecraft 2D. It is kinda nice. I sincerely hope that I will not get cussed out for making it, 'specially as it is beta software. It is coded in QBasic 1.1 on a Windows 3.1 computer with 640 KB of RAM, so the closer to… 794
Skylite's Icon Suite Beta This program helps you to draw icons for DCS5,6, or 7. You draw an icon, and it converts it to hexadecimal code and places it in the program of your choice. It has a very nice DCSB lib-based GUI! It is not complete yet, but it really should be soon. Please tell be of bugs wi… 505 8/10
Skylites' Icon Suite Beta 2 Skylites' Icon Suite is a powerful program for creating DoorsCS icons(version 5, 6, or 7!), and new in this version, most of the header. You draw an icon, and it converts it to hexadecimal code and places it in the program of your choice, or creates a new program. It has a DCSB… 426
Tetris Background Music for mobileTunes This is the Tetris background music. Requires mobileTunes and DoorsCS. It sounds pretty good, and was converted with the MIDI to mobileTunes converter on Cemetech. Useful for playing while you play Tetris on a separate calc! 287


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