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metroCity V 1.0 Manage your text based city, keep your assets and population in line along with health, documentation for new programmers to be added soon. Visit the below forum to read about it, get help, and support. 310
metroCity V2 Version two is an overhaul of the original game. Moving everything to the graph screen. It is roughly 4000 bytes. This size it a little daunting so please use Doors CS 7.2 to play in "home run" mode while archived. New features! See a menu and your city stats at the same time … 315
metroCity 2.5.6 metroCity with expansion packs, metroHome and metroFinance! see your city grow in a graphical display! now with metroHome the housing menu update with every achievement. Download today! About 5,284 byte total. 356


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