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Chancy Stuff Generates a random Integer between inputted numbers, a simulated roll of 5 dice, a Magic 8 Ball reply, a random card draw (includes 2 jokers in the "deck"), or a coin flip. Only the program and the variables B and C are needed to run. It has now been optimized to reduce the a… 380
Slots You start with $100, and spend a dollar every time you spin. The prizes/losses possible are listed in the game. It also keeps track of your longest streak and total times spun. If you go bankrupt, there is an option to get more money for free, but don’t try using it if you alrea… 356
Chess: Material Value Calculator This is a fairly simple program that calculates the value of all of the pieces on a side of the board or the entire board, provided that you tell it how many of each kind there are. It uses a list to store the values, which can be customized and viewed all within the program. Th… 242
CalcFish This is an extensive virtual fish program where you try to see how long you can keep a fish alive by feeding it, cleaning it's tank, and giving it medicine. But that's only the beginning! You can also catch more fish, sell them, play minigames, and experience all the surprises t… 524 5/10
SecTimer - Timer program for the 83+/84+ SecTimer is a timer program for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus series of calculators. Although this program may work on other calculators, it has not been tested. It has been tested on the TI-84 Plus CE and it did not work. This program works similarly to the startTmr command (wh… 387 9/10
YOU ARE AWESOME! :D Gives you the awesome face and a compliment. Now includes three programs, each with unique compliments and a cool Doors CS Icon! Based on the Google Chrome extension which can be found here (you have to be in Chrome): ttps:// Details are in the readme. 285 7/10
CalcFish Doors CS Enhanced My original game CalcFish now with extra features such as automatic UnArchiving, no run indicator, automatic contrast, and a few optimizations. Doors CS is not included in the download. The run indicator is on in the screenies because I used old ones but it is off in the program. 295
Clear/Reset 83/83+ Get your calc clean and running like new! Includes options to reset settings, clear variables, and more, all in a convenient and small program! Note on TI-83 version: All of the commands are compatible, but is the file format is incorrect or you cannot send it to your TI-83 plea… 253
PyPiano A simple one-octave piano controlled with the keyboard. It can be shifted to higher and lover keys as well. 427
Under Attack My first full-blown pygame/python game, still being developed. There will be updates to it whenever major progress is made. Try to survive the enemies and zombies as long as possible! 501
Present Time! This was my second entry into CC18: Winter Wonderland. It shows the "present time" by which I mean the time in present numbers. 357
Blizzard This was my first entry into CC18: Winter Wonderland. You are a match and must dodge snowflakes and collect powerups to increase your score and avoid getting snuffed out. New updates: Now saves a highscore and a few graphical issues have been fixed. Enjoy! 546
Intersection You are a stoplight operator and must control the lights at an intersection in order to prevent crashes. Each stoplight is controlled by its set of three keys (QAZ, WSX, IJN, and OKM). Cars slowly speed up over time and traffic slowly gets worse, so see how long you can last! I … 318
High Seas Arr, ye scurvy dogs! Welcome to me second submission to yer favorite contest, Transit Time! This be a game where ya search for treasure an trade yer way to riches on the high seas. 373
Circles Circles is a text-based program that I wrote for my geometry final project that is designed to teach various concepts and calculations involving circles. It generates random practice problems and then checks the user’s answer, awarding points if it is correct and explaining how … 264


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