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Oriam Levelpack: Deeper You Go This is a Level pack for MateoConLechuga's Oriam and was made using his Oriam level editor. This is my first time so it may not be much but keep an eye out for DeeperYouGo2! Read the readme for more info about the game. Oriam. (I am in no way taking credit for Oriam or th… 1688 6/10
DeeperYouGo Beautified (Oiram Level Pack) 'beautified' version of "DeeperYouGo". I just cleaned up some rough edges in the levels, didn't change anything else. The original author is Nero_the_Necro. All level design credit goes to him. Original Game by MateoConLechuga. 2253 8/10
Fazed Fusion 1.2 This is a simple, cookie clicker-style game with a twist. Purchase upgrades, collect energy and button mash to increase your earnings! I would love feedback/suggestions so feel free to give it a review. -Added a title screen, a custom menu and a custom shop. 802 8.5/10
Amino Acid Chart In messenger RNA, a set of three bases called a codon code for one amino acid. With 64 combinations of bases and 20 different amino acids, memorizing what codes for what is impossible and why use a weird, hard-to-read paper chart when you could use your calc! Just use the arrow … 729 8/10


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  • Oiram (written Feb. 21, 2017, 10:32 p.m.)