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Title Description Downloads Average rating
TextLib Commands v1.1 This is on-calc documentation for CE TextLib v1.12 by Dr. D'nar. Each command is listed along with a description of its function. 275
Hangman v1.1 This is a recreation of Hangman, the classic word-guessing game, for the TI-84 Plus CE! The goal is to find what the word is, based on the letters you already know. You can only make 6 mistakes, or you will lose. 268
Plane Simulator v0.2 PUBLIC TEST This is (as the name implies) a plane simulator. It's basically that. The game is written in TI-Basic, for the two following calculators: TI-84 Plus CE (Physical) TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (Emulated) More information in the readme.txt. PLEASE NOTE TH… 210
Stack/Queue Operations v1.0 This is a TI-BASIC utility to simulate stacks and queues using lists. Should work on the monochrome models, but I don't have a ROM or emulator to test this on. 127
Basic Basic Revolution v1.0 This is an unofficial ""port"" (clone) of Dance Dance Revolution by Konami, for the TI-84 Plus CE. More information in the readme.txt. 88 10/10


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