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Title Description Downloads Average rating
StarFighter Game A simple 2d game where you try to shoot an alien with your spaceship. Score increments by one per kill. Run TEST.8xp(with all other .8xp files installed) to play 204
One and Two Player Pong Pong on the TI 84, Run WALLGAME.8xp(with the other .8xps installed) to play. ENTER "1" OR "2" when prompted to select the number of players. **ONE PLAYER CONTROLS**: Press "multiply" and "minus" to control your paddle. The AI controls the leftmost paddle, while the player … 499 4/10
Slots Slots on the TI84, Enter number of players and then press ENTER to start. **MAKE SURE TO PRESS ENTER AGAIN AFTER SUBMITTING THE PLAYER COUNT** Try to match all the numbers by pressing enter to stop one of the numbers from spinning (going from left to right and increasing… 229


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