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Cemetech AI Beta 2 A few months ago, Jonathan Pezzino and I had worked on a fair artificially intelligent bot player script for the TBM Blockland mod. We both let it lapse as we got involved in other projects, yet recently, I rediscovered the source in an old backup. I posted it up, and since then… 1192
CemetechAI A \"mini\"-mod for DTB, this adds armies of bots, as well as other types of bots such as bodyguards. It also provides weapons patches for all 3 of kerm\'s space ships, a lag fix for the nuke, and a GUI for both DTB and CemetechAI itself. CemetechAI is a must download for all fan… 990
Stat Sprite Creator This utility is for creating Statistical sprites from hexadecimal or binary data. the sprites can be any width or height just run the program and follow all the prompts. Output is stored to L1 and L2. 324
isPrime a fast primality tester. 687
SFGP Math Pack A pack with a bunch of handy utilities including complete the square, sierpinski area, cylinder volume, and decimal2binary converter. 615
Slide A fast paced Basic action game. you must quickly manuever the course using only 1 key. Challenging, fun, and addictive. DCS6 enhanced 441
SpiderTrap 2 a fun action/puzzle game where you try to trap a spider before it escapes into the floor boards...fully graphical. Supports external levels, DCS6 enhanced. 536
BattleField 83+ An intense 2 player straegy game. It features fast board rendering times, and the ability to save/load games. This program scored an 89.5 in the UTI 2005/2006 Basic programming contest. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6 826 8/10
Croquet 83+ Croquet 83+ is a Croquet game for the 83+/84+ series of calculators. It features a complete 1-6 player croquet game, with both human controllable players and 9 levels of AI. Now enhanced for use with Doors CS 6 500
Half Life 2 An advanced half life calculator. great for chemistry class, supports time units. 954
Factoriser A fast prime factorisation program 929
Frog RPG game has something of everything. You must battle your way to level 100 while playing minigames to gain points and hunting for food to keep yourself from starving. Features beautiful graphics and even a scrolling map, all without the use of a single Asm library. Frog RPG is a fi… 684
Uber Hangman An amazing Hangman game with both 1 and 2 player modes with support for external dictionaries in 1 player mode. The default external dictionary (included in this package) has 362 words as well as several easter eggs. It uses no Asm libs and the total mem usage with the dictionar… 402
Slope of the tangent line this program graphically approximates the slope of the tangent line for a function using the left-right average method. 619
Riemann Sums This program graphically calculates the Riemann sum of a function, with a customisable number of intervals, and displays it for you. Enhanced for use with DCS6. 799
Bresenham's Circle Algorithm this pure Basic implementation of Bresenham's circle algorithm is designed for speed, and can frequently compete with or beat the TI-OS routine for speed when all points drawn are on the screen 325
Binary Search Tree Routine this binary search tree implementation allows Basic programmers to finally access the power of a binary search tree. 383 10/10
D-Term D-Term is a fully scriptable Basic CLI interface designed for use with DoorsCS6 (although it can be used noshell). Thanks to Benjamin Moody for the error handler. 449
Point of inflection This program allows you to find points of inflection on a graph. Enhanced for use with DCS6. 547
MergeSort This recursive in-place mergesort algorithm allows you to quickly sort lists. This algorithm runs in O(n log n) time for both the average and worst cases. 343
Lego Inventory Plugin for Delicious Library 2 Allows Delicious Library 2 to import Lego sets from the Peeron database. 533
SFGP Tunnel Game All you need to know: * Don't run into anything * Click to shoot, but each wasted shot subtracts from your score * ESC to quit * Spacebar to start and pause/unpause the game. * Your rate of point accumulation is proportional to your velocity, which is proportional to … 504
SFGP RotoPong A two player pong game, in a circle. 547
Omnicalc to FloppyTunes music converter Command line tool, written in python, to turn Omnicalc music into FloppyTunes music. 454
Example Mod - V1.2 Beta This is an example, simply so you get the idea of how a mod should be layed out. The descriptors (I.E. NAME:, AUTHOR: etc.) are seperated from the actual string (I.E. Example Mod, CyberPrime etc.) by a TAB. Keep in mind that descriptions can be on multiple lines, and will app… 613


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