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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Conway's Game of Life This program is a simple Conway's Game of Life simulator. It runs on a 64x64 bounded grid, and starts off with a random pattern. This program isn't as fast as less naive implementations, but it has a very small file size. 723
HP Tetris This is a simple game of Tetris for your HP Prime. Features include: * Classic Tetris gameplay * Accurate piece rotation * Both soft-drop and hard-drop keys * Adjustable difficulty level * Original Tetris scoring rules * High-score tables - challenge your frie… 1235 6/10
Prime Periodic Table This is a simple periodic table application. You can scroll through the elements with the arrow keys or the touchpad. Press ENTER to see details for any element. Datasets were retrieved from GPeriodic and jquery-pte. Data poins for elements include Group, Atomic Weight, Densi… 1278 10/10


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