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FLOW A port of the popular mobile game Flow Free designed enitely in BASIC for the TI-84+ CSE and CE calculators. Connect colored pipes to fill the grid for each puzzle, but the pipes can't cross! FLOW comes with 100 levels, a simple tutorial, multiple achievements, and customizable … 1278
TINT: TI-Number Theory TINT, or TI Number Theory, is a package of lists and programs designed for number theoretic computation and analysis on the TI-84+ series of calculators. These programs are designed to be used as subprograms for larger projects, and are optimized for numbers less than ~10^12. Th… 202
MAZE - A Simple Maze Generator This is a simplistic maze generator for the CSE and CE. The code is old, but still plenty of fun to mess about with. Each maze will fill the screen, provide only one path to the exit, and only take a single-digit number of minutes to generate (maybe). A minigame to solve the maz… 171 8/10
Wordle BASIC Wordle BASIC is a Wordle clone implemented entirely in TI-84+CE BASIC. Download and ungroup WORDLE.8xo into RAM to install. Note the size of the group (~60 kb) as this much free RAM is required to play. Your aim is to guess a hidden 5-letter word in six tries or less, using i… 178


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