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Lines XT 3 Lines XT 3 is designed to emulate a computer operating system. It comes with a word processing program, a spreadsheet program, and an edited version of purobaz's paint program (for better interoperability with Lines). I have also included a command prompt embedded into Lines X… 1153
Writer 8 This word processor for Casio fx-CG 10 is the next iteration in the Writer family; those of you with Lines XT (within which Writer 7 is included) may already be familiar with Writer. Writer 8 has some improvements over Writer 7 that you may like, including integrated installati… 2309
Lines Horizons OS Family The Lines Horizons OS Family is the next iteration in the Lines OS product line. It is a much-improved version of Lines XT 3, with major updates for installation, system usage, and applications. The Lines Horizons package comes with Cells 1, Writer 8 for Horizons, Paint for Hori… 812
Lines Polaris alpha build 673 Due to the issues I have found arise when Lines XT (or Lines Horizons, to a lesser extent) is used with third-party programs, namely consistent crashing, corruption of files, and failure to start, I have scrapped the XT code base and started work on a new system designed with st… 436
Lines Polaris Lines Polaris is the latest iteration of Lines software. Polaris has been coded with stability in mind, so that users can run whatever programs they like without having to worry about ruining their shell. This version of Lines supports using third-party programs from within the… 830
CasiOffice I am pleased to announce the creation of CasiOffice, a new applications suite that includes Writer 9, Cells 3, and the brand-new Canvas 1. With CasiOffice you can create documents, spreadsheets, and images on your calculator. Writer is a word processor that creates documents w… 4109
Lines Fulgens This brand-new 'operating system' for Casio fx-CG10/20 calculators has been designed for simplicity and ease of use. I've added things like the older GUI from Lines XT 3, as well as a UNIX-like shell. Lines Fulgens is more user-friendly than its predecessor, and comes with Casi… 799
Lines Nextware This latest version of Lines contains several improvements to the UNIX shell, the system core, and bug fixes for several functions. I have also included a beta Russian version of Lines Nextware, as well as some new programs for CasiOffice, Lines Calculator and Lines Checkoff. … 682
Lines Accelerate Lines System Software version 8 introduces a brand-new interface, called 'Warp', that optimizes speed and simplicity for your calculator, letting you work far faster than ever before. You can also change the look back to the familiar 'Glade' if you prefer. And because Lines Ac… 718 7/10


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