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Title Description Downloads Average rating
Triangle Solver This program will solve for the missing angles/sides of any triangle! It will also solve for the area and perimeter, and then draw a picture of the triangle. Features two color themes! 1715 10/10
Dino Puzzle Lua The classic game of Dino Puzzle now for nspire! Use the up/down keys to move your swapper, and press tab to swap the components of two rows! Similar items dissappear when connected, and 5 points are awarded, 10 points are awarded for every object trapped within an egg, alon… 605
Lime Rick Based on the puzzle flash game by KissMaj7, Lime Rick is a snake based puzzle game that will have your attention for hours! Game includes 24 levels, a level editor, high scores, low scores and more! Enjoy! 614
CHAOS CHAOS is a rage game set in a mystical world that is (almost) impossible. Guide your square to the flashing door, but evade the hidden spikes that will split you to pieces! Game includes over 20 challenging levels, multiple game modes, beautiful graphics, as well as an easy… 848
Realistic Flight Simulator While the Realistic Flight Simulator may not be very realistic, and doesn't even qualify as a flight simulator, it's still lots of fun! Avoid the vicious flappy birds and beware the clouds that block your vision! Controls Move: Arrows/Numpad Shoot: Enter 1555
Molar Mass Calculator Simply type in the chemical formula, press enter and this calculator will give you the atomic weight for each element in it's composition, as well as the total molar mass! 1515 4.3/10
TinyFish Swim through the seas as far as you can, avoiding pipes, sharks, and crabs along the way. Every 150 points, the game gets more difficult and you unlock a new character Compatible with OS 3.1, but only tested on OS 3.9 881


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