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Cheese Chase This is my take on the cheese chase game in the calculator programming book. It is my first game ever, and it only has one level so far. I am hoping for some feedback from the community here. Things I hope to add: Make the game faster. Make the enemies move without slowin… 292
Rectangle Approximation Input a function, interval, and desired number of rectangles, and this program will draw the graph of the function and the rectangles, and display the approxtimated area (for your choice of left endpoints, midpoints, or right endpoints). 349
Dungeon Run Navigate your way through many rooms of a dungeon, moving fast while collecting valuable coins and avoiding deadly spikes. Try to get the highest score! Currently 5 rooms. Many more to be released in the future. 440
Factor Trinomials This program factors trinomials of the form ax^2+bx+c. If no factorization is possible, the program tells you. Factors are given in pretty form and with correct signs (no -- or +-). 262


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