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Doors CS Header Icon generator Version 2.1. The amazing tool for creating header icons to TI BASIC programs. Does now support 16*16 icons and open-icons-from-hex-value. 621
Dhtml & javascript based Icon viewer for DCS icon format. Type (or copy) in a hexacode for a icon in DCS format, sellect the size of the pixels and either click the 8*8 or 16*16 button. This would render the icon you typed in. 638 9/10
Dhtml & javascript based Icon viewer for DCS icon format. Version 2. This is a javascript (DHTML) based web program who outputs an icon form a heximal value. In this version, the engine is totally rewritten, and the new feautres are: Icon are outputed in a new window, so you do not need to reload the page, +, - and Reset buttons for peoples wit… 608
Design 3D v3.0 The CAD 3D program made by kerm in 2002, but with a lot of new functions and bugfixes. If you aren't sure how to use it, the file include a huge walkthroug for the most imporiant parts of the program. I am sorry that there is no support for plain TI83, but that version is to com… 424
Design 3D v3.0 Draw lines in the 3 Dimenthions, and make polygons! you can also animate them. Parts of ths program is rewritten, and there is a lot added from the original version 2 by Kerm. 391
Dhtml based Icon viewer for Hexadecimal icon format Version 4. Dhtml based Icon viewer for Hexadecimal icon format Version 4. This is a DHTML (HTML, Javascript, HTML DOM, CSS, you name it) based web program who outputs an icon form a hexadecimal value. New in this version is support for icons from Binary value! (who is used for icons in ass… 797
Design 3D v3.2 both TI 83 and TI 83/84plus revision. Design 3D v3.2 is problably the best 3D modelling program for the TI 83/84 plus. With Design 3D, you can make lines in Isometric 3D in edit mode, in table mode, you can change any coordinates for the lines, you can also detete, insert, copy, cut, paste or replace any lines you w… 524
Design 3D v3.5 both the TI 83 and the TI 83/84plus revision. Design 3D is one of the few 3D modelling tools for the TI 83/+ series of calculators, one the best ones. It has a total of seven save slots, up to 498 lines (in 3D) per project, animation, three different modes (Editor,Table and View) and tons of usefull functions. This version … 640
Design 3D v4.0 Beta 1 The Beta of the next Design 3D version. Please PM me if you find bugs. See the included readme.txt, in-program help and the manual from v3.5 (the release avalible from for documentation and more info. And once again, Please PM me if you find bugs or glitches. 312


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