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As of 6 hours, 19 minutes ago, squishy had authored 2 files. The following statistics were current then, but may have changed in the intervening time.

With 2 files, squishy is at rank 28 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 1530 times, placing squishy at rank 242 for total downloads of their files.

Title Description Downloads Average rating
Brainf*ckCE A brainf*ck interpreter and JIT compiler. Create and run fast brainf*ck programs on your calculator with a decent gui! Also supports copying and pasting brainf*ck code from a computer. 640 10/10
PineappleCAS PineappleCAS is a computer algebra system for the TI-84 Plus CE calculators. It can simplify algebra and identities, evaluate arbitrary precision integer arithmetic, take derivatives, manipulate complex numbers, expand multiplication, substitute expressions, and more. It feature… 890 10/10


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