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Multiple Linear Regression Analyses (MULTREG) Note: PLEASE MAKE SURE that you download ALL OF THE LISTS into your calculator in addition to the main program. MULTREG is a program for all of your multiple linear regression needs! It includes a User Guide, a walkthrough of each function (titled "Wait, What?"), a coeffici… 293
ZMath: A Math Program Collection ZMath is a collection of the first few (mainly) math programs I ever made on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It includes the following calculations: -nth term of Arithmetic Sequence -Arithmetic Series -Distance Formula -Area of Equilateral Triangle -Binomial Expansion -… 240
SPSS Sample Skewness & Kurtosis SKEWKURT is a program for calculating univariate sample skewness and kurtosis! Note: All formulae are derived from the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). 153
Normality Check NORMCHK is a program for checking if your data follows a Normal (Gaussian) distribution! Note: This Normality check relies on finding the correlation coefficient of the Normal probability or quantile (a.k.a "Q-Q") plot of a variable. There are MANY ways to assess the Normalit… 101


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