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Walking Game I made this game as practice with getKey and Output(. you can move the player with the arrow keys. if you go off the edge of the screen, you will appear at the other side. UPDATE Added trees. you can hide behind the branches and leaves. 83 3/10
Art program Instructions: Start:{ Import 'Program.8xp' to calculator For a blank canvas:{ Set R variable to 1 } For an example image:{ Import 'Premade image matrix.8xm' Set R variable to 0 } Run the program } Usage:{ After it displays the loaded image on the graph screen, pre… 88
Calendar CE It's a calendar. Should work on any calculator that has a clock. Displays the Month name, the Year number, a Calendar, with the current Day selected, and has a clock at the bottom. Update: Fixed a Domain Error that only happens in December 160


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