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Turn APD On or Off This BASIC/Asm combo program allows you to turn on or off the Automatic Power Down function. Long Desc: (The readme file) Project: APD Options Date: 5/11/2013-5/11/2013 Authors: [ Usernames] willwac, parrotgeek1 [ Usernames] calc.bugs, ???… 607
STAAR Mathematics Formula Chart STAAR Mathematics Formula Chart README By willwac 05/14/2014 STAAR Math (the program) is a non-interactive version of the STAAR Mathematics Reference Materials Sheet, or Formula Chart. The program features everything on the Grade 8 chart and the second page of the Algebra I… 478
OBOB OBOB is an abbreviation for "Off By One Bug." Its a bug when programming where your expected result is off by one in either direction. This program gives an example of the bug by choosing a random number between 1 and 3 and giving you the input + 1, input - 1, and the input its… 354


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