KermMartian wrote:
Oh geez, I so hope not. I hope it will instead be powered by one of the inimitable Swivelgames CMSes. Smile
That'd be pretty sweet! Very Happy

Especially since I have one that's actually at a stage that it can be applied to websites Smile

(Plus with Forum, Blog, Wiki, and Download components that just 'plug-in' to the CMS, it wouldn't be hard at all to build a community website Very Happy )
What's wrong with Joomla!? D:
Lucas W wrote:
What's wrong with Joomla!? D:
Only that it's the most horrifically bloated, oversized, ponderous monstrosity of a CMS out there. Smile
it's like 6mb.
Dear god, no Joomla. I will look into your CMS, swivel. I'm sure it will fit the bill nicely Smile

EDIT: BTW, swivel: I see you might be having trouble keeping your hosting up. Hit me up, I have a dedicated host and I would be more than happy to help you out.
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