idk where the different things r located throught the files, i was wondering if any1, and by any1 i mean Kerm, could help me make it go with all i want is for the color scheme of the forums to match the rest of the site, its phpbb integrated into phpnuke, the current and only theme is subsilver
Laughing Are you aware that you have a "Guset Book"?

Just log in as Admin, go to the bottom and choose Admin CP, then go to Style Admin --> Management --> Edit and mess with those.
i have phpbb did u go to ? the guest book is at im makin a new site, i need to kno wher to go to change the border around everything, right now its a blu (#006699) i want a dark grey(#8F8F8F) or a yellowis tan(#D8D8C4) an i need to kno where to change the alternating colors like how alternate posts are diff colors, i want to change to the same kinds of greys as here
ok well i think i got it, but now all those buttons, this will b awhile Sad

i need to kno how to remove the ability to register, and the stupid number security thing when u log in on phpnuke
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