Rivereye Studios is looking for someone to create their new web stie. I admit, that I can't create a good looking page, even with wysiwyg. I know enough that when the initial page is created, that I can modify it for my own needs. Any help would be appreciated. PM me why you would want to, and a link to site you have done.

Any questions, post them here
I'd give you some help, but I've got no time whatsoever. Sad
Just tell me what you can do. PM me or something
i might have enough free time to do it, i just finished sum more on http://bsa305.broadphase.com/site , was http://bsa305.broadphase.com
I kinda like the non-nuke one, but we shall see.
well i needed that site to be nuke, that was my first nuke thing ive actually made, not chande a few pics, i changed and added lots of my own code
That's cool. The only problem with that is like my PHPbb, I've modded it so much that I don't want to upgrade to the latest version and lose my mods. Sad
ill probly never update the version of nuke im usin
Kerm: What exactly did you do to mod your version of phpBB (did you download any mods from their site?)
I manually edited the PHP scripts and templates. Let's see, i've got the custom user title mod, a couple of front-page stats mods I wrote myself, the submit <-->Preview button switch, and some other stuff I forget. Oh yeah, InvisionFree-style pip ranks too.
could you help me get that stuff on my forum?
huh... if you download from the phpbb.com site, it should have nice detailed instructions...
phpbb wrote that program that reads the text mod files and then can make the mods itself very nicely, it doesn't always work, but most of the time it does. It really helped when i tryed to run a board.

You probably aready knew about it, but it can't hurt
I was more reffering to the stuff he wrote. I know how to do mods, my old old forum had easy Mod
Yeah, I bet I could put in some of the mods I wrote myself for you.
I'll get you the info you will need. Just PM me the info youy need.
Fair enough. I don't have time now; I'll let you know when I do.
ok, Until then, does someone want to design the main pages?

w00t, 750th post
w00t indeed, welcome, Super Expert! Smile
I imagine someone would help you install PHPNuke and find a good skin.
don't want Nuke, I could auto install that with Fantasico, and in that, I really don't want it.
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