I just got my new computer. I wasn't looking for much since I am mostly going to use it for programming, and school work. I got a Compaq package for $350 from Best Buy (I am too lazy to build my own and this had everything I need at a price I liked).

-120 GB Harddrive
-DVD rom drive
-CD Burner
-512 SDR Ram
-AMD Sempron processor
-7 in 1 digital reader
-7 usb 2.0 ports
-not sure of the graphics card or the sound card, but it doesn't really conscern me Laughing
-came with a flat screen monitor (which I found out to my displeasure isn't the same thing as one of those flat monitors Mad
-also included:

two speakers

I am very happy with my new computer, I realize it could be more upgraded if I wanted to play games and such, but it is a huge improvement from my last piece of crap Laughing Must resist urge to compile in Safe mode Laughing Laughing
not bad, no if I can only figure out why I am having problems with the install Suse
Chipmaster wrote:
-came with a flat screen monitor (which I found out to my displeasure isn't the same thing as one of those flat monitors Mad

you mean you got a FLAT screen CRT verses a THIN screen LCD? (thin screens and flat screens aren't the same, although somehow the term flat screen became associated with thin screen LCDs)
Yeah, flat screen CRT =/= flat panel LCD. Very Happy
Otherwise, sounds awesome.
Is it just me or are CRT's getting smaller, i was moving a 15" (from like 97ish) one for my sister and that thing was a beast, also it had like 5 colax cables instead of the normal VGA like plugs of today. I knew they used to use serial for moniters (we use one on the school light board), but never heard of anything like that. To tell you the truth most of the systems like the one you got are a really good value, most computers that you use for non intense things like writing/surfing you don't need anything rediculase, I can edit videos and like encode dvd's or even play some non-crazy games smoothly (2004 flight simulator and age of mythology) on my 2 Ghz celoron perfectly.
i wont make a coment on the realiabilty of those kinds of comps compared to custom built, but i will say that u spent way less than me.
Ya, all I want this one for is just to last two years (untill I get a sweet laptop for college). I won't be using it much for gaming so all I wanted was a cheap pc Smile
i forgot to put this in my post before, but i do have a problem with the 'pre-made' computers, and that was the a pre-installed software, its just sucks, but it can be fixed with a lot of uninstalling or just reformating the comp right when you get it. Neutral (i build my own computer, but thats because my parents were paying, but on my own expence (except for my lone collage laptop) i'll buy pre made stuff
Ah yes, the software issue. With do-it-yourself comps, though, you have to spend the extra money on software or use a free OS like Lindows.
KermMartian wrote:
Free OS like Lindows.

Not even Linspire is free(around 60-100, so might as well go with Windows ya know), I'd personaly go with fedora (core 3 or 2) if i had to switch, but I'm down with windows and all that jazz

you just have to remeber
Team America: World Police wrote:
Freedom isn't free
No, there's a hefty f***in' fee.
And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five
Who will?
Laughing Ah yes, such highbrow cinema... Very Happy
Laughing *Goes and listens to America F**k Yeah* Good Idea
Ummmm...anyway then, back on topic... Very Happy
actually linspire is $49.95 to download, and $59.95 for the cd i have the download
Ya, so I got rid of most of the pre-installed software including:

Wild Tangent (I always thought and heard this was spyware Confused )
Numerous trial programs
Microsoft Dancer LE
And all that Compaq crap it comes with

Basically the only preinstalled stuff that was left after my rein of destruction was Windows XP Professional, ITunes (I have an Ipod), and notepad. I'm going to install microsoft office on it today and I already have ti connect, crimson editor, tilem, and Notepad ++ on it. I also left this wierd movie player it came with, but just until I put Windows Media player 10 (or whatever the latest is) on it.

Lastly here's an interesting fact: My new harddrive is 80 times greater than my previous Cool
Cool Sweet. What about Blockland? I'll send you Cemetech City 2.
Ya, but I don't have an internet connection on that pc. I can play on this one though Smile
linspire's a joke (oh, and you can get it free for a limited time using the coupon "Freespire" i believe - CD download only)

anyway, its just debian + lots of newbie shit; just get debian
Maybe I should dump Suse and get Debian
Beware though; Debian's file locations are different from most other Linux distros.

I'm peronally running Fluxbox on my server.
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