That's right! The global CALCnet section of the website has been begun. Go to to register your calculators to work with gCn, an integral part of Doors CS 6 that will allow access to mail, ftp, chat, the web, and more. At the moment only the registration section is working; soon I will add a statistics page and the internal services to support hosting. Go register!
My calc is registered, YAY!
and serial number is the ID on the about thing from [2nd]+[mem] i guess?
serial num and ID num are diff i think (both are at the 2nd-mem thing tho)
I mean the 14-digit number in 2nd-Mem [1]
I am going to register in latin class as soon as I grab my calculator out of my locker
i've just registered, and i'm in history class Laughing

supposed to be working on some debate stuff, lol Cool
I just registered. Im in latin class taking notes on the computer that I put up on my website. so kids can get them from home
Hmm, I guess I will have to go get my other calcs and register them too... Smile

Also, TI-73? Are you makin DCS available on that calc as well?
@Kerm: are you going to add 68k's to the list? (remember my email about implementing gCn with Moka)
It's a possiblity, I might at least have a stripped-down version. The reason I listed it though is that it is one of the 5 FLASH-enabled z80 calcs.

I added a removal featrue and a clarification of what I mean by SID.
That's cool. Is there a limit on to how many calcs we can sign in for it?
Nope. Re: 68ks: do they have a 14-digit hex SID?
They do. It might be able to be put into TI-GCC with a simple function archive. That way all programmers for 68k calcs have access to it.
Fair enough. So which calcs should I add?
All there were made at one point or another: 89, 89Ti, 92, 92+, V200. The 92 isn't made anymore though and isn't supported, not to mention very rare.
Will do.
wow, that is if it works all tight. I hope things are cool with it,
Me 2.
So, how goes this project?
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