Okay, a pedophile tried to hook up with me...Evil or Very Mad Dumbfuck didn't know what he was getting himself into...Laughing

(17:54:49) boysyoung1: Sup
(17:54:54) boysyoung1: Hey
(17:54:57) lethalblackbelt: fag
(17:55:00) lethalblackbelt: fuck off
(17:55:32) boysyoung1: What wrong
(17:56:25) lethalblackbelt: This is Officer Rayne I work at the Wrightsville Polic Department in North Carolina, please log off now.
(17:58:0Cool boysyoung1: okay this is marvin girddle
(17:58:55) lethalblackbelt: you are not in my list of contacts
(17:59:06) lethalblackbelt: leave now before i trace you and contact your ISP
(18:00:32) boysyoung1: U mean ISP
(18:00:43) lethalblackbelt: just who the fuck are you?
(18:01:07) boysyoung1: Oh hell this is marvin girddle
(18:01:15) lethalblackbelt: which is...
(18:01:24) lethalblackbelt: what school do you go to?
(18:03:20) boysyoung1: Pennsylvania School For The Deaf
(18:03:41) lethalblackbelt: and why are you contacting me?
(18:06:24) boysyoung1: What mean contacting??
(18:06:45) lethalblackbelt: why are you talking to me? by the looks of your username, you look like a pedophile
(18:08:40) boysyoung1: no jsut talk you that's all
(18:09:00) lethalblackbelt: do you know anyone by the name of andrew buter?
(18:09:01) boysyoung1: I undrestand u mad now okay
(18:09:1Cool lethalblackbelt: do you know anyone by the name of andrew butler?
(18:09:37) boysyoung1: Yeah
(18:09:55) lethalblackbelt: what relationship is he to you?
(18:10:46) boysyoung1: I am male
(18:11:00) boysyoung1: He to me what
(18:11:13) lethalblackbelt: No, I mean like brother, sister, etc.
(18:13:49) boysyoung1: Ohhh I see
(18:20:00) lethalblackbelt: well?
(18:20:15) boysyoung1: U have pic
(18:20:24) lethalblackbelt: of what?
(18:20:47) boysyoung1: U know mean pic
(18:21:36) lethalblackbelt: are you related to andrew butler?
(18:22:2Cool boysyoung1: Not yet
(18:22:43) lethalblackbelt: ? What do you mean 'not yet'?
(18:24:41) boysyoung1: Mean Not talk later
(18:24:47) boysyoung1: That why
(18:25:22) lethalblackbelt: ?? It's a simple yes or no question; you, or are you not, related to this guy?
(18:26:57) boysyoung1: Yea
(18:27:15) lethalblackbelt: what relationship? brother, sister, friend, etc.
(18:28:57) boysyoung1: Ohhhhh sister and brother
(18:29:11) lethalblackbelt: so...you're a shemale?
(18:29:32) boysyoung1: No
(18:29:39) boysyoung1: Dk
(18:30:00) lethalblackbelt: then how are you both a brother and a sister?
(18:34:3Cool lethalblackbelt: hmm...my sources say you're a pedo...
(18:34:43) lethalblackbelt: how do I know this?
(18:34:51) lethalblackbelt: andrew has never heard of you before.
(18:35:01) lethalblackbelt: hmm...what to do what to do...
(18:35:09) lethalblackbelt: i could report you...
(18:35:17) lethalblackbelt: i have your IP address already...
(18:37:03) boysyoung1: Ohh shit
Laughing Actually that sounds like a chat bot to me...
I could only read about half of that before I though, WTF, I can'tread this anymore
Laughing I'm almost convinced that was a bot...
hmm... it sounds alot smarter than my bot Razz
The reason I say this is I was once spammed by an IM bot who had almost the exact same response pattern.
Sounds like you agree with me...

anywho, I am tired of the law system being so kind to murders, pediphiles, etc. They live off of our taxes, get medical attention, decent meals, get physically fit, etc, it is so blasted annoying...
I prefer the justice system of 'An eye for an eye'; you kill someone, you die. You steal something, something gets stolen from you that's equal in value.

Laughing Actually that sounds like a chat bot to me...

A chat bot with such a huge lag time, a username like that, and Ohh shit after you tell it that you're on to it? I think not Cool
Eh, but those are all things anyone could program in <1 min.
yeah, not a problem

:input "text"
: Do While
:DISP "Response

not real hard
there are bots that have very bad lag time on purpose, i rember a webste where you could prank a friend by having a weird robot talk to them and then it will email that person the conversation, i'm pretty sure you got owned there
Exactly, that's what happened to me.
definately a bot
It couldn't have been a bot, because why would it think for itself? How would it be able to answer all of my questions like that?

That, and my friend gave him some false info towards the end of my conversation (to see if this was a bot or not) with this guy, and i started talking to this guy, and he answered them correctly. Now how could a bot have made that kind of a correlation? And why would a bot have that kind of a name? It's just too smart to be a bot, unless someone spent several days programming AI for it...which would be pointless...not to mention the reaction at the end of the conversation.
Aww, my post on punishing pedophiles is gone... Crying
Well then, I'll recap; we both believe in Hammurabi's Code of Law Smile .
Yeah...tell you what, let's close this topic.
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