I'm trying to update the BIOS on an old ASUS i850 P4T motherboard, which uses Award 6.0. However, when I google either ASUS i850, or Award BIOS, I invariably get redirected to something called "BiosAgentPlus" which scans my computer, and then asks me to purchase a year subscription to something to download a BIOS update. This smells like a scam to me, but even if it isn't, I shouldn't need to buy anything to download a BIOS update, and I'm NOT putting any more money into a machine that's older than most cars. Is there some free alternative I can use?
Will this work?
That sounds like a package to help XP communicate with the BIOS, not a flasher for replacing the BIOS itself. But I'll take a look at that site.
If there is a bios update for that machine it will be on Asus's support site here google told me it was a socket 423 motherboard so that should give you enough info to find any updates asus has put out for it.
Since it's a socket 423 motherboard it's an early Pentium IV. Do not want Sad
They're horribly slow compared to Pentium III's at the same or sligthy lower clock speed. Hell, my 1.2 GHz Celeron III (wich doesn't boot anymore) is faster in Lubuntus benchmarks than a 1.7 GHz Pentium IV i brought from school.
I already checked ASUS, that was the first place I went. Searches for my motherboard model yielded no results. Unsurprisingly, it would appear they stopped supporting this board years ago.

EDIT- I stand corrected. It would appear they do have a BIOS update on that site. Thank you.
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