I propose we merge all project topics into 1 forum and call it "Vaporware" (minus the projects that actually delivered something other than hope Razz).
Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
I propose we merge all project topics into 1 forum and call it "Vaporware" (minus the projects that actually delivered something other than hope Razz).
I feel like compared to other sites (no, not just that one other site, plenty of other other sites) we actually have a decent percentage of projects that go far or even reach completion. Your sarcasm aside, I feel like we don't end up with that many uncompleted projects that are solely Cemetechians' projects.
I agree that we don't need a "Vaporware" topic. Not to mention, some of the projects that might be called "vaporware" could get picked back up, and it would be difficult to go through a topic with 200+ posts to find your project, and then bump it accordingly. Plus, it would make browsing the Your Projects forum more difficult if you are looking for a "vaporware" project.
Just to give this thread a bit of context, Ultimate Dev'r originally posted the topic in Suspended as yet another thread for us staff to spam and waste time and database space on, but I felt it deserved pointing out how our general tactic of discouraging new users against undertaking projects outside their skills and patience until they gain more proficiency pays off. He meant it sarcastically, and I took the opportunity to point out that our policies work out for the best. Smile
Yeah, about that, I remember encouraging anyone to work on a project without taking his skills in consideration. I decided to stop because none would get completed and I pretty much stopped taking projects that are too complex for the person's skills seriously. I won't do the same as what happened to the gCn thread on a certain other ASM site years ago (you most likely remember that, Kerm) and I will not jump to the conclusion that if someone has 1 post he's automatically a n00b, like I saw on another site, but I'll immediately ask him for his programming skills and how large he wants the game to be, then recommend him to start smaller if he's not very skilled. I also tend to get impatient to see screenshots on projects with little information, because in the past I believe I saw hoaxes occur.

Inevitably, however, there will always be newer users who will be wow'ed by ambitious projects. I can't blame them, since they are too new to have seen how many similar projects died in the past.
Yup, that's pretty accurate; I don't have too much to add to that. I got flamed a lot early in my calculator coding career, some justified, some not, and even now I feel like people outside Cemetech don't really respect me or take me seriously sometimes, but regardless, I believe people should approach projects befitting their skills for maximum benefit to themselves and others. Sometimes people from other places who haven't been here much mistake that for us being mean to beginners, but that's not the intent, and I feel it's paid off in the past. Smile
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