Six pages in less than a week:

There's some flaming at the beginning, but it eventually settles down.
Wow this idea must be good if its enough to overcome the prejudice against your name in the end (no offense). Look at them all excited towards the end of that topic, after it started by dissing it as another attempt at Kermish professionalism. What a bunch of hypocrits Laughing Personally I think the CPC is pretty cool. Wink Good Idea
Aye, thanks! Indeed, I'm quite happy at the interest it generated. Smile
I love reading flame threads. Very Happy
It's funny how they eventually realize their flame has no substance. Smile
And then procede to take the CPC further than you had by suggesting multiple locations Smile
Aye, which I don't think is a bad idea.
One of them had a point about using regualr table borders, instead of all the cool 'lil pictures. I like the rounded borders, but when you have dial up, it gets on your nerves occasionally. Is there some way to have the php script test your connection speed and decide whether to use regular tables or pictures?
No, but I suppose I could make it a template...would take a ton of time though. Sad
oh well....caching helps. Its just when Im dial-upping and dont have much time.
dialup=teh suck. Sad
Dialup is for cavemen.
I am aware of that unfortunate fact.
Whatever you say, Ug. Laughing
Jonathan Pezzino wrote:
Whatever you say, Ug. Laughing

Ok, ok. So seriously, what do you guys think of the idea of multiple locations??
Bad idea.
Elaborate plz.
I just can't imagine national collaboration by a bunch of lazy calculator-programming teenagers with not money.
What about if by some miracle we get sponsorship?
Why would anyone sponsor a bunch of calculator nerds to congregate Question Question Question
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