Lachprog, one of TI-Freakware's current 68k programmers, is remaking Super Marion 3 for the 89. There has been a couple demos of the game, and there are some really sweet screen shots available here. He wants all to try this amazing project, and let him know of any bugs that are found on the forum, link on his project page.
Super Marion!? Surprised Awesome!! Razz Just Joking
Bah... I hate this keyboard... Mad

Did you see the pages? I think the new logo for the game is awesome! Very Happy
Lovin' the logo. Very nice sir. Smile
You can thank Lachprog for that. He created it. Smile
Superb. Hope this project turns out well.
New screenshots!!

He has released new info on what has been fixed/implemented. Smile
New demo is available!!!!!

Check out all the new features!
I do believe I may try it. What requirements (Shell?)? Any stability issues?
LOL...almost no 68k program requires a shell anymore. And I've finally gotten PokéModr fixed. Being packed for release as I type. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
I do believe I may try it. What requirements (Shell?)? Any stability issues?

No requirements, just make sure you do not have an old copy of the game on the calc, or on your comp. I had problems until I deleted all reference from both comp and calc.

And the game is VERY Stable... Smile

New demo coming soon... Very Happy
TI-Freak8x wrote:

New demo coming soon... Very Happy

Shock Way to revive an old topic! Laughing What does this add?

Did you not read the post it points to? It adds the world map, and worlds one and two. Plus you can now fight the enemies on the world map, and beat the bad guys in each level. Smile

He released yet another demo! Smile I can't wait to get home now...
Very nice. I'm glad you were able to be the host for this; it should get you some good publicity.
Umm... I think the download link is broken. I'm getting a 404.
Should be fixed now, for some reason, sometimes it shows up as a .zip, other times it is .ZIP... Mad I wish it would make up its mind...
Yep, that fixed it. Smile
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