Admin SAX show searches.
I don't want you knowing what I search.
 26%  [ 4 ]
I would prefer private searches, but I understand.
 20%  [ 3 ]
I have no feelings either way.
 13%  [ 2 ]
I appreciate your extra effort, it's a necessary evil.
 0%  [ 0 ]
I appreciate your extra effort and think it's great.
 40%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 15

Admin SAX displays searches to administrators so that we can notice you searching with the horrible site search and offer our assistance in directing you to the thread or project you're trying to find. It's helped a lot in the past. Apparently people don't like that and think we need a big flashing warning or remove it entirely. Please weigh in with your candid opinion.

SAX has been disabled while I've been mulling emotions on this issue. SAX maybe change based on the results of this poll, but no guarantees in any direction.

[although one site used to read every PM, but meh]
I think its great that you do that. One option could be to add an option in the profiles on whether or not they want searches logged. I personally don't see what the big deal is. I don't care too much one way or the other.
I never have seen anything wrong with it; I have only known about this feature for a few weeks, but it doesn't "creep me out" at all. Since all of the admins are trustworthy, and since it's not really personal stuff that's being given to them (to add upon Kerm's point about some sites tracking PMs, which *is* rather creepy), I'm all for it.
And it is only tracking site searches not all web activity. I don't get what is so bad. So what if they tell what post you are looking for?

Edit: No need to make a new post. As for the post below, If it is only long enough for sax to fall off the other side then there is really nothing to worry about.
Just to add one more clarification, SAX isn't logged anywhere except for through people's IRC clients. The searches only appear in admin SAX before they fall off the end. The only other thing that appear only in admin SAX is notifications about users who have been flagged as possible spambots
I think that as long as you are not reading our PM's, I think we are fine here Wink

really, I don't see the problem, unless you are searching up rather distasteful things on cemetech.... which I doubt anyone should do... >.>
Well, I wouldn't normally care too much about such complaints, but one was from a user whom I highly respect, so I'm torn.
Oh. That makes sense.
It's understandable given that phpBB's integrated search is not all that great, which is why I tend to use an external search engine rather than the one built into the site. That said, it is a little unnerving to perform a search (typically a private action) and then to have someone start giving you help in a public chat session; it's usually annoying enough if a sales assistant approaches you in a shop when you're browsing to ask if you need help, but imagine what it would be like if they did so over the public address system. The gesture is well-intentioned, but if I wanted to bother someone for help I'd ask for it. Whether you choose to log what people search for or not (and for how long you do so) is your own business, it's the unexpected public broadcast of this information that bothers me.

As a compromise I would personally modify the search results template page to include a banner suggesting that if the searcher needs help finding something they should ask in SAX and to not automatically respond to searches in a public way. This is, of course, your decision, but I thought I should make my position clear to avoid any misunderstanding!
I'm unable to vote right now because I'm posting this from my phone, but I'm in favor for admins monitoring searches to help people. However, I think there should be some text on the search page that says something like "Searches may be monitored by the administrators to help you find what you're looking for."
I'm inclined to agree with Ben on this one, and his post is probably more eloquent than I might be on this topic, so I'll leave it at that.

Suffice to say, I prefer to simply google for things for things with a site: modifier over using phpBB's search, where my motivation for doing so is some combination of preferring to keep my searches private (for various reasons, the least of which being that I'm already familiar with the poor nature of phpBB's search and know how to find what I'm looking for without help) and being able to find what I'm looking for (typically just a single thread that I want to post in) more quickly on an external search engine.
I'm for the search notifications for admins. The reason being, if you've been on this site long enough, you know that the website's search functionality is... lacking, and use Google instead. The new people who come here don't know that, and may not even know about SAX. Having those notifications may help us point them towards SAX, and therefore a better way to search for things.
When I made the comments that I made, I was unaware that it was an across the board thing, and then I got embarrassed and angry. I guess when you put that way I understand.
I have no opposition to searches appearing within Admin SAX. We don't post anything hugely personal on this site, and a search for "LSD" isn't definitive over anything.

Those who have Google Accounts can see what they searched and when. But you can disable it. I can't speak for the benefit of Admin SAX's information - except when I was actually helped in finding something by and Admin - as I've never seen it with my own eyes. We also have pretty trustworthy administrators, so I'd believe that none would share searches with any other party if there were some exposing searches.

To maybe settle some ease, searches could show up in Admin SAX after five attempts in a brief period, to alert Admins of a user who can't find a topic or find specific information. Or, pure anonymous searches. Searches still appear but the user is instead Anonymous.
I agree most with what benryves said. It's rather disconcerting to perform a search which people tend to think of as a fairly private operation and have someone mention it in public, especially if one wasn't aware of the possibility beforehand. It's well-intentioned but doesn't follow the principle of least surprise, which can be a problem.
I don't think we should have it, for the reasons stated already. If someone needs help finding a thread, they can ask.
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