does ne1 kno if its possible to setup golive cs2 to be able to preview php?
you could always try php-home or xampp at sourceforge
i have golive... i want to kno how to make it work... php designer can preview... but golive has more functionality.. ive read about ppl doin it.. just not how...
XAMPP is pretty 1337...I've seen it but never used it.
i have xampp but golive still dont sho previews...

also i need to figure out how to get it so that i can access the xampp site thats on my comp from other comps on network...
I use XAMPP on the desktop and php-home on the lappy. XAMPP is much better for administration, but the directory is not a nice to find. It is also more resource intensive

%sysestemroot%/programfiles/xampp/htdocs is where you put files if you want the interpretor to do it in XAMPP

%systemroot%/www is php-home

if you are on the local network just use http://compname
im not actually tryin to run a server or nething... i want to b able to preview the php sites i make from golive... in golive...
i assume you tried reading the manual and checking their support on their website?
ive read about it and all i can find is y you get certain errors when previewin php...

my comp's local ip is if i try to open that on another comp... it says it failed to find server... or that the server took to long to respond
Got any kind of firewall going then?
KermMartian wrote:
Got any kind of firewall going then?

it would only be a software firewall, but thats not the problem methinks. The problem is that there is no server software waiting for a connection Wink

just break down and set up apache+php+mysql (if needed) and do it properly Very Happy
xampp is apache+mysql+php+pearl
i did set it up right.. there is a wizard
also if i put http://localhost it never loads from my comp, i have to use or ima restart my comp, again.... and see if that helps....
patl411 wrote:
I have to use

do you mean

also, try disabling the windows built in firewall, it tends to screw with stuff more than it helps Wink

Oh, and from Adobe's description of it, it sounds more like something designed for CSS, not PHP, so it might not have a PHP-preview mode...

Adobe makes it sound like you just hit "Preview Page"; and if you get a blank screen its because you have PHP errors:

Also, it doesn't list PHP as a built in markup language:

The Markup Language tab of the Web Settings contains the entire range of HTML, SMIL, SVG, WML, and GoLive proprietary elements that GoLive can read and write. The information stored in the Markup Language tab is used by GoLive’s syntax checker. HTML standard elements include all those specified by the HTML 2.0 and 3.2 standard publications, plus HTML 4.0 forms tags. You can add elements to the list and edit existing elements as the current HTML standard evolves. In addition, you can import an XML document type definition (DTD) file and bind it to file extensions and MIME types.
anything from to will work..
the more i'm reading about GoLive, the more and more it sounds like it does NOT have built-in PHP support....
well i figured it wasnt built in... but ive read about ppl wantin to debug the errors they had in the php files they previews... they were typical call errors, not the erors u get when u look at php in sumthin that only does html...

scroll down to "Install Preconfigured Servers" <- you have to do that for PHP Preview
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