Hey guys,

Some may or may not know remember IkarugaX, the Ikaruga demake my team and me made some months ago.

Well this time it's me alone, and with a way more ambitious project : demaking Ikaruga for TI-Nspire calculators. Why is it more ambitious, you may ask ? Because said calculators have a 320*240 color (or grayscale) screen and a 250 MHz CPU, so it's quite not the same as the DreamCast or the TI-84+.

So yeah, pretty much what the title says. The program uses Ndless 3.1 (the TI-Nspire's jailbreak) with C++ and works on every TI-Nspire calculator which has Ndless 3.1 and sooner. The game is open-source and hosted on GitHub : https://github.com/matrefeytontias/nKaruga

The game features original sprites and title screen, but I'm trying to reproduce the original level design. So far, the full first pre-chapter and approximately 2/3rd of chapter 1 has been coded.

Latest news : I started implementing power releases (not included in source code), powerful homing lasers that you can shoot after absorbing enough bullets of your polarity (10 bullets per laser).

You can browse most of the screenshots I made here : http://www.mirari.fr/file/browse?f=685&u=558

I'm actively working on it, so frequent updates may follow.
Now there's more ! Very Happy

I've finished implementing everything around the power releases system, that is, power absorption, storing and release. So let's get a quick look at it :

Good uncle Matref's how-to's wrote:

Basically, you build up power by absorbing bullets of your polarity. You can build up up to 120 power units at once, absorbing one bullet giving you one power unit. When you have at least 10 power units, you can execute a power release : your ship then fires one auto-guided power laser per ten of power units. That is, if you have 23 power units when releasing power, you will fire two power lasers ; if you have 109, you will release 10. After a power release, you lose all of your power units, regardless of the amount being divisible by 10 or not. To avoid wasting power units, you can see completed power slots (on the left of the screen) blinking, and the one that you're currently filling is not blinking.

A power laser (generated by a power release, opposed to a normal laser) is very fast and cannot miss its target, but since it goes straight to the enemy that is the nearest to it, it will break your chain easily. It's also very powerful as it inflicts 10 damages at once, and 20 to an enemy of the opposite polarity ! So it's particularly useful if you want to quickly clear a mess around you or badly hurt big enemies.

One clever thing to do is to kill big enemies with power lasers of their polarity ; that way when dying it will fire a lot of bullets back and you'll can quickly reload your power gauge.

And here's a demonstration of it working

And here's the link for those who want to try : http://www.mirari.fr/eTV6

Beware though, I've changed commands to make it better-played on emulator :

README.md wrote:
Commands for this beta :

CTRL : fire
SHIFT : switch polarity
DEL : release power
arrows : move
ESC : quit

Temporary debug commands:

4 : enable touchpad (obviously, it only works with touchpad Nspires)
5 : disable touchpad
7 : enable background
8 : disable background

The beta ends when all enemies are defeated or quitted the screen.

Enjoy and share your scores ! Very Happy
matrefeytontias wrote:
Well this time it's me alone

Well, you alone plus the spriters Wink

Anyway, glad to see regular updates on this. And I can't agree more with the new keybindings Wink
Well yeah, me alone coding Razz

As you can see on the GitHub repo, I barely created any sprite (actually around 6 out of ... I don't know, 30).

I've added enemies' big lasers, along with a basic particles engine for fanciness Razz


Download : http://www.mirari.fr/eTV6

I've changed the code to make particles more visible, but this is not shown on the screenshot.
That's one serious laser! o(^▽^)o Great spriting!
The first chapter's waves are now all complete Very Happy what's left is the boss itself and some other improvements code-wise that can be found here : https://www.github.com/matrefeytontias/nKaruga/issues/5

If you want to play it, here you go : http://www.mirari.fr/eTV6

In addition to that, you have 2 lives, so you can be hit twice without too much fear Smile right now you basically quit the game when you're out of lives, but of course that will change.

Have fun !
I'm back working on this now that school loosened a bit, and thanks to Hayleia for the amazing artwork, I'm done with the first boss's first pattern ! Very Happy

Might have to get an Nspire as a result of this now. Razz
Today is a special day, and do you know why ?

Because the first public beta of nKaruga is released :w00t:

Thanks to the (painful for me) switch to the Ndless 3.6 SDK and to the help of geekboy for the last bug, the game has been purged of all previous (known) bugs and is also faster ! The game works with both Ndless 3.1 and 3.6, and also on both color and grayscales Nspire calcs.
So far the game features a gorgeous title screen thanks to pierrotdu18, customizable controls including the use of the touchpad, a scrolling background thanks to Metaru, an enemies system, a fully-fledged bullets engine including normal bullets, power fragments, enemy homing and heavy lasers ; a working polarity, scoring and chaining system, a boss fighting system and three difficulty modes ! Since this is only a beta release, only level 1 is playable, but 99% of the final mechanics are already implemented (lacks continues), and the boss battle is available at the end of the level !

Everything you need to know is in the readme ; you can go download the beta right away: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/461/46162.html

The final game will have 4 other levels and their corresponding bosses, highscore saving and possibly a replay system.

Don't forget to give feedback Wink
Congratulations on release this, matrefeytontias! I know you've been working hard on this for a long time, and based on the screenshots, your hard work has really paid off. I hope you'll very soon be uploading the beta to the Cemetech Nspire games folder as well!
Productive bump !

I wasn't happy with how the big lasers looked, so I decided to recode them, along with the particles system. And holy shit, that went really well :w00t: the lasers now look really awesome, and the particles also got some badass style ! (you also get a view of the start of level 2)

EDIT : nevermind the big-a** gif, here's a better one :

Update !

I'm just releasing beta version 0.2.0 \o/ see the GitHub comment to the release to know what changed and to download it, and keep feedback going please !

By the way, not missing a combo really becomes freaking hard now. If anyone somehow manages to not combo-break or miss a single combo in the introduction of level 2, tell me your secrets, because I can't do it. I constantly combo break or have to let enemies pass by on the second wave, even if I make all combos in the 1st and 3rd wave.
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