my calculator got stolen 2 weeks ago... ya my new ti-84+se... and my phone was stolen yesterday...Sad
Jigga wha?? That sux, dude. Sad
if i find out who did either ima beat the sh!t out of em
heh, I don't blame you. If you don't get them back, are you going to get a new calc from eBay? They have some pretty good prices.
Half of those are people reselling stolen calcs. It would be kind of funny if you ended up buying back your calculator. I feel bad for you. My ti83+ was stolen from me about a year ago. It ended up being good for me because my parents bought me a 84+se Smile
ill prolly buy a new.. just not off ebay... i have no paypal... and co chance of gettin 1 and no chance of parents credit card.. so wally world it shall b... once i get a job
patl - you can get a PayPal account with just a check account, that's what I have.
i dont have 1...
Ah, that could be a minor problem. Where would you buy a new one? Do you have any idea who might have taken it? Sad
Ouch, major bummer. Crying

I hope you can get it back...
Do you have any idea when/ where you lost it? Maybe some else saw what happened to it/them.
when i get the $ ill go to wal-mart.. i need like $185 for phone and calc... im gettin phone 1st... its $50... but the phone is actually like $180 so... insurance is GOOD

@Kerm last post: nope no idea on the calc... sum ppl were near our bags at track.. but idk ne of em 1 of them has my phone
Mos' def'. Idea Someone needs to start selling calc insurance! "We do not protect against crashes caused by accidental RAM clears or faulty programming..." Might be a long disclaimer though. :/
Have you told your phone provider? Some of them will be able and willing to use the phone as a GPS unit, to figure out where it is, and who has it. Wink
I got my DSLR and lenses stolen 14 days ago, total retail value $1900. They were recovered, however. Smile
allynfolksjr wrote:
I got my DSLR and lenses stolen 14 days ago, total retail value $1900. They were recovered, however. Smile

How did that happen? Awesomely lucky...
I dont have 1...

It's fairly easy to get one; you can get a free one from Principal Bank.
ive never heard of principal bank.. and if i had a checking account wut would i put in it im broke and have no job.. i turn 18 in april... and my parents wont take me to get permit...
Confused You don't need a work permit if you're 17...oh wait, a driver's permit?
ya drivers... i have a car but no license or permit.. as long as i get permit b4 4\11.. i can get my license on like 7\11

off topic but important need to kno... i gotta friend with sumthin called FEAD_error.rar... it opens tons of shit and freezes his comp... i think its a new virus.. norton to pick it up and it dont hit on google
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